in | 12 Dec 2019

Merry & Bright

Oh, December! It can be a seriously festive, joyful month. But when we’re not out at holiday parties, indulging in The Gingerbread Special smoothie after a workout with colleagues or sipping on a mulled wine with friends, it can often feel pretty depressing, particularly at home. As you probably know, SAD (that’s seasonal affective disorder) is a real and sometimes debilitating thing.


While we can all sit around and long for sunnier days, there are actually a few productive things we can do now to make these next few months the cheeriest of the year. Try these simple tips and tricks to turn make your home bright and happy, even if it’s dark af outside.


1. Think about that lighting. Harsh, unflattering overhead lights are pretty awful, don’t you think? Instead of flipping on those ceiling lights, stock up on floor lamps, twinkly Christmas lights, table lamps and candles galore. Using these will create a welcoming mood and make your space feel ten times warmer.


2. Speaking of warm… Now is not the time to shiver like an ice cube in your apartment. Consider bumping up your heat a notch or two and investing in some super cosy blankets to make your home feel like your own little cocoon.


3. Now that you thought about the light, it’s time to think about how it smells. Finding the right scent – whether essential oils in a diffuser or a beautiful, organic candle – can liven up a space almost instantly. Find scents that make you feel good and stock up. We particularly like rosemary, orange and frankincense essential oils or pine or cinnamon scented candles during these chilly months.


4. Pick up a new hobby. If you have something you love to do at home, other than watching Netflix of course, you’ll be infinitely more excited to step through that door each and every day. Think about learning a new instrument or getting into embroidery. Whatever it is, it’s sure to make your home feel like a destination, rather than a sad space.


5. Become a nester. Birds do it, so why can’t you? You don’t need to weave your way through the Vondelpark, picking up every twig and berry you pass, but filling your space with beautiful things that bring you joy will help make your home cheerful and inviting. It doesn’t have to be anything expensive; it simply has to be things that bring you joy. Hang posters you love on the wall, add a few colourful throw pillows or even pick up festive greenery. Whatever you go for, we promise you’ll love coming home more than ever.


6. Get social at home. Now that we aren’t heading out for long dinners as the sun sets, it’s easy to feel a bit isolated. Instead of wallowing at home alone, become a bit of an entertainer. Having people over for cosy, healthy potlucks or fun game nights is a great way to make your home feel like a loved, lived-in space. Every social gathering you have will bring more wonderful, warm energy home.