in | 13 Feb 2020

Let’s get active

Normally when we start encouraging ourselves and those around us to get active, we’re talking about exercise. And while we love getting a good sweat on (hello Rocycle), we think it’s about time we redefine what ‘getting active’ means. While we’ll never tell you not to work out, what we really want you to do is to get involved, to get passionate and to embrace activism.


It’s easy to feel like nothing we do matters. It’s natural that so many of us feel like we can’t make a difference and that our voices remain unheard, no matter how hard we yell. But while it can feel futile, it’s actually crazy how big a difference each one of us can make if we get involved and start fighting for causes that matter to us.


So you want to get involved but you’re not sure how to have the greatest impact? It’s much easier than you think. We promise!


1. Educate yourself to empower yourself. If you don’t know what’s going on in the world, how on earth can anyone expect you to make changes in your own life or effect changes on a larger scale? Staying up-to-date on events and informing yourself about causes is the first step toward getting active. You don’t have to spend your days reading every bit of news that comes your way, but it is crucial to find sources you trust and do a little deep dive into what’s going on.


2. Go local. We’re of the mind that just about all causes are good causes, but focusing your energy on issues that affect your community is actually more effective than jetting off to Australia to help on the ground (we’re not saying don’t do that too, but you can have more bang for your proverbial buck when you stay close to home). If there are causes that speak to you that are more global or further away, consider donating to local organisations that can help out on the ground wherever it’s needed most.


3. Show your skills. Every single one of us has special skills and talents, so we might as well use them for good. Take a moment for introspection and figure out where your skills lie and then make use of them. If you’re an excellent writer, help draft letters to lobby for change. Do you speak loads of languages? Volunteer as an interpreter for immigrants in need. There is a place for everyone when it comes to activism, so you just need to find where you fit in and then do as much good as possible.


4. Take control. We may think that everyone else has it covered, running organisations that help others and make the world a better place, but there is almost always space for more good to be done. Figure out where there are gaps and fill them! Host a bake sale to raise money for a cause close to your heart or get in touch with all your friends to gather supplies for people in need. It doesn’t have to be big (though you can certainly go all the way and create an organisation you think needs to exist); every little helps.