in | 29 Nov 2019

Keep It Movin’!


Winter is tough, huh? It’s cold. It’s dark. All you want to do is cosy up inside, order some Oven Roasted Potatoes and Beet Bourguingon on UberEats and refuse to leave your couch until King’s Day. Honestly, we totally get it.


But just because the cold, rainy weather (or snow!) may have you lingering inside doesn’t mean you should ignore that amazing workout routine you built up in summer. Sure, you may not want to head outside for sunrise runs like you did all summer, but staying consistent with your workouts in the winter is important if you want to maintain all those amazing improvements you made earlier this year. Plus, working out during the colder months is actually a great way to keep SAD at bay and boost energy levels that tend to flag in winter. So really, it’s a win-win.


We can guess we’ve convinced you that you should still be working out, but you may be wondering how you can stay motivated, right? Well here are our top tips for keeping it movin’, even on the darkest, coldest days of the year.


Want to know the easiest way to get your butt out the door and to the gym? Don’t leave your house. If you think we’ve gone crazy, don’t worry. We haven’t. Skipping your commute and working out at home is a great way to encourage yourself to get in that sweat session. Use your own body weight for simple, efficient exercises like burpees, step-ups, push-ups and squats. You can also move through an easy yoga practice or throw in a few sun salutations to a more energetic workout. If your own body weight is not enough (go you!), then you can get creative with what you have at home. Use wine balls as dumbells, books instead of medicine balls. Whatever you can find!


Once you’ve exhausted the appeal of at-home workouts, another great way to motivate yourself is to sign up for a new activity. Having something fun and exciting to look forward to will help push you out the door and into that workout. It doesn’t have to be a boutique fitness class or anything like that. It could be something that doesn’t necessarily feel like exercise but still gets your heart pumping. Try a dance class or go rock climbing.


Whether you’re heading to the gym, your typical boot camp or a more exciting, engaging class, another way to keep up the motivation is to rope in some friends. Instead of meeting your pals for a drink, get together to get in a workout. You can go on a walk through the park or catch a yoga class before work. You’ll be more accountable and more likely to get it done. Plus, it’s a great, healthy way to socialise while you get your sweat on.


And, finally, think about the rewards you’ll get for completing that workout. Even if you really don’t want to. This time of year is filled with amazing, delicious treats – think our Gingerbread Special Smoothie  – that are pretty irresistible. Work up an appetite so you’ll enjoy them that much more by squeezing in a quick workout.


So, tell us. Do you find it hard to exercise in winter?