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Just say yes (to these truly hip gift ideas)

As the weather warms, wedding season is sneaking up on us. We love weddings, but gifts? It can be a little tricky to find something unique and thoughtful that isn’t cliche, overly soppy or just plain boring. Stress not. We’re scoured carefully curated gift guides, and produced this gift guide for life connoisseurs. 


Gold cutlery  €416.60

Move over copper, gold is in. We’re still loving all things metallic, and what makes you feel more royal then dining off fine cutlery? Foodies will love this gift that adds a touch of decadence to every meal.
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Vintage champagne €135

Everyone likes a vintage. Give them something they can hold onto a celebrate on an anniversairy to come. They’ll thank you later..

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Soho House has launched Soho House Home. They stock on trend homeware that'll make every couple swoon. Cue margherita glasses, rugs, wooden baskets, silverware and more. Why not make a hand picked picnic basket set? Or his and her robes to go with bedware?

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Coffee cold brew €34.90

For even those with the best intentions it pays to have a great DIY coffee maker. This one not only produces quality tasty coffee, but you can also experiment with fun recipes in the summer. Coffee cold brew slushie? Coffee with homemade hazelnut milk? For creative and crafty coffee drinkers this could be the perfect gift. Why not match it with some homemade popsicle sticks?
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Whisky glasses €80

Whisky glasses are perfect for the cultured couple. A whisky on the rocks suits come summer or winter, so you can be assured they’ll think of you all year long. Hey, even cold pressed juice looks super slick in whisky glasses. Buy them a bottle and tell them to serve it on the rocks (hangover not included)

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Couples juice cleanse

After all the wedding and honeymoon indulging they’re sure to appreciate a little healthy inspiration. Buy them a his and hers cleanse. You'll know the real reason behind that post honeymoon glow.
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Record player from €90

Record players went out, now they’re back in. The couple into music and at the forefront of trends will sing out for this gift. The music quality is remarkable, plus it make a stylish in home feature.
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Kombucha home brew kit from €50

Once again the gift of health! We’re crazy for kombucha, another great energy hit. What better way to drink it than home brewed? For health conscious couples this will be right up their alley

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Indoor plant wall price on request

No house can have enough plants. Fact. It not only looks pretty but it actually purifies the air you breath, and makes you feel more zen. I bet they don’t have one of these yet, and if they do nothing wrong with a second. 
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Two man tent from €89

Camping combines quality time, close quarters and the great outdoors, making it an ideal gift for an adventurous couple. Slip a scandanvian post card into the mix, they can go make use of their liberal free camping policy
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Wanderlust globe from €70

Globes are one of those things that are always cool. They give a room a instant hit of culture, and can transport guests to memories all over the world. 
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Polaroid camera €65 + film

Help them capture their honey moon uniquely. A polaroid camera is a lot of fun, and a great way to create new memories

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Honeymoon surprise

If you know they are going to honeymoon in Bali why not book a couples massage for them in a cute spa? Or get them a couples private surf lesson. Thoughtful gifts like this something they won't expect but will love! 

Bucket list experience

Hot air ballooning in Turkey, Sky diving in Sicily, Scuba diving in Malta. Hey the highest swing in Europe is at M'Dam Amsterdam for those wanting something a little closer to home. Or for the inner child in everyone get them tickets and a night staying at Efteling amusement park.. Give them a memory they'll never forget