in CONNECT | 13 Feb 2017

Staff spill the beans on juice loves and juicery crushes


Cupid is strolling the Amsterdam canals, and notices the beautiful Cold Pressed Juicery. He peaks inside and sees the many kind-hearted staff, sipping lekker juice, smiling to themselves. He decides the juicery needs a little extra lovin' this Valentine's day, so shoots arrows in all directions. Staff, customers, juices, smoothies, nothing is immune to Cupid's throws. The Heartbeet smoothie was born. And the staff have turned all love crazy, the result is this... TCPJ staff talk love, crushes and romantic juices..

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when I say sexy juice?

Annegeert (Willemsparkweg) 

The more ginger the better! Have it spicy... ;)

What staff member would be The Sinner?

Matthew (Herengracht)

Noora, she's all blonde and fair, but then you take a sip and you're like wow. I'm referring to her personality. Obviously. 

What would you love a customer to say to you?

Stefano (Prinsengracht)

I would love a customer to tell me I must drink a lot of glow, coz I'm always glowing..

If you were to cheat on The Fix what would it be with?

Kate (Rocycle)
The Sh*t smoothie with pear. You know, you need a little something sweet once in a while ;)

Who’s your secret customer crush? Describe them..

Matthew (Herengracht)
I do have a small work crush. One with a massive beautiful smile. Ohhh the way he moves... I can’t say much more or it won’t be a secret anymore... You know who you are. Maybe.

What juicery products would you want your loved one to bring you in bed?

Eva (Princengracht)

My loved one can always bring me The Sinner with a cacao boost. It's like a snickersbar-smoothie, and yes you have my permission to wake me up for it...

Who would you most want to kiss underneath the Herengracht tree?

Kesha (Office HQ)
That’s classied information. But I can tell you he’d have the Dutch hair flick and a beard (ish)

What food is the perfect soul mate for the ginger shot?

Nathalie (office)
No food. I take them straight on an empty stomach. It's a little lonely. But I love them the daily.

What juicery product would you most love to steal?

Kate (Rocycle)
The Cold Pressed machine. If I could I’d hire myself a Bakfiets, break in in the middle of the night and steal it. Because I want it. I’d make cold pressed everything.

Have you ever had an romantic interest come in store?

Kesha (Office HQ)
A guy I went on a date with once came in and surprised me with a hug. I got the shock of my life and went Heartbeet red.

What do you most love to photograph?

Nanda (Office HQ)

I love to shoot pure, fresh ingredients. Back to basics, simplicity wins. I like emotions, love. I wouldn't miss the chance to shoot people making out.

First thing that comes to mind when you hear sexy smoothie

Eva (Prinsengracht)

One that I could pour over your or my naked body... Like the Sh*t, since cacao is an aphrodisiac so it can always bring sexy back. Did I really just write that?

What’s the most romantic juicery product?

Matthew (Herengracht)
The Sinner. Not only for the name, but how delicious and creamy and thick it is

What is the first thing you’d say to a cute person if they came into the juicery?

Nathalie (Office HQ)
Hi, have you been here before? Do you know what cold pressed is? Haha, so boring. Sorry. Probably not the answer you hoped for ;-)

Describe your secret juicery crush

Eva (Prinsengracht)

I have a few regulars that come in that I have to admit I always look forward to. I don't know (all of) them by name, but the short yet flirty convo's make the rest of the day so much better. But seriously, we have some very beautiful and handsome people come into our juiceries, so there is never a dull day! :)

What smoothie do you love to make?

Mary Ann (Herengracht)

The Sinner. Our homemade caramel has the most amazing flavour, it gives the perfect texture to The Sinner. This combined with my favourite fruit banana, and cinnamon, vanilla and coconut makes the perfect healthy smoothie for a sweet tooth like myself. It's always great to see the look on people's faces when they take the first sip!

How many loves in life do you have?

Annegeert (Willemsparkweg) 

Many! I love waking up next to my fiance and jumping out of bed in the morning to have my green juice and ginger shot to prep my for my Rocycle class. I'm blessed with a healthy body and mind that I want to take good care of. 

What super food do you love the most?

Femme (Herengracht)

The superfood I love to put in my drinks is ashwagandha because it relieves stress, it boosts immunity, and provides relief from inflammation. Also fresh ginger, as it's an anti-inflammatory and improves the absorption of essential minerals in the body aiding digestion, and it warms me up which is essential in the winter.

Which colleague do you love working with and why?

Mary Ann (Herengracht)

I love working with Matthew. He always has a great story to tell, and we work so well as a team.

What day do you love to work the most and why?

Femme (Herengracht)

I love to work Monday mornings, because I like to start my week productive and fresh full of energy, after a relaxed weekend where I've spent more of my time on my yoga mat.

What three things do you and the juicery have in common?

Nathalie (Office HQ)

Purity. The Juicery products are the purest and cleanest you can get. Myself, I love pure, honest and real people the most.

Variety. Many various flavours, vitamins and minerals as well as beautiful team members from all over the world. Myself when I look at things I like, places I like to visit and people that are close to me in my life, they are all different.

Clean. From the Juicery floors, to our design, I like things clean and neat. Same goes for me. 

Have you had any juicebar romance/crush?

Eva (Prinsengracht)

I was asked out to dinner once by a tall, dark 'stranger'. I felt adventurous and said yes. It ended up being a double date dinner at the W Hotel. The food was great, the spark not so much. I got away with the excuse I had an early morning. Not so much an excuse though because I actually had to work at the Juicery the next morning ;)

What product do you love the most?

Stefano (Prinsengracht)

I think my favourite is The Pro! It really goes down easily, and the probiotics in it always help my sensitive stomach.

What would you pair your favourite juice with?

Kate (Rocycle)
I’d pair the Reset juice with a couple of tablespoons of Mango infused Vodka for a refreshing cocktail. Mmmm. 

What do you love about your staff?

Matthew (Herengracht)
The thing I love most about my staff is that they are all unique in their own way, and have little quirks that make me smile.

Describe your juicery love story.

Annegeert (Willemsparkweg) 

The juicery and I go way back. My love story with the juicery is best described as long lasting, and never fading. True friendship that was just there from day one

What raw food recipe would you love to share with our followers?

Eva (Prinsengracht)
I love making raw chocolates. There is something magical about popping these babies out of their silicone molds and serve them. And it's so freaking simple. 
Melt 1 cup cacao butter with 1/3 coconut oil au bain marie. Mix it with 3 tbps raw cacao powder, 1 tbsp maca root powder and 3 tbsp lucuma powder. This is your base. You can add any nut, seed or (dried) fruit or other superfood powder to it to make it your own. I love adding goji berries, hemp seeds or chopped nuts and poor the mixture into their molds. Sometimes I first poor a little of the chocolate mixture in the mold, drop in a fresh blueberry and fill up the rest. Leave in the freezer of fridge for an hour or more and voila.