in | 11 Jul 2019


We’re pretty sure everyone can agree that summer is f**king amazing. Sometimes, we wish it could last all year. And though we love just about everything about the most golden season, there is one thing we could totally do without: the mosquitoes.

Amsterdam and Utrecht’s canals are so gorgeous in summer, reflecting the light and making for the perfect afternoon out on the water, but they also make our cities very appealing for mosquitoes. So after a few weeks of good weather, we’re often left looking like we’ve been at war, covered head to toe in bites. Maybe it’s because we’re “so sweet,” or maybe we’re just unlucky. But whatever the reason, we’re over it.

So, what are we to do when we’re itching and scratching like there’s no tomorrow? Head into the kitchen for some amazing natural remedies.


  1. Organic tea bags. We love sipping on a cup of tea in the evening to chill out and find some peace and quiet, but they’re actually a secret to bug bite relief. Chamomile, green tea and calendula all have anti0inflammatory properties, and green tea is also rich in catechins. These catechins reduce swelling, redness and overall irritation, which is ideal when you’ve got bites all over. The tannins in tea also help, as they act as an astringent, drawing the toxins from the bites out of your skin to make you feel better in no time. Press a used, chilled tea bag on each bite until you no longer feel the itch.

  2. Frozen peas. If you’re unlucky, you may have used these before if you had a black eye, but they’re also great to help with bug bites. Anything cold is fantastic for ridding you of that nagging itch. The frozen peas will numb the area and control your swelling, so press them against your bites (in their bag!) for up to 10 minutes.

  3. Oatmeal. This may sound like the weirdest grocery list ever, but trust us. You’ll thank us later. Oatmeal baths – which are incredibly relaxing, by the way – are one of the best ways to help with the itchiness you experience after getting bug bites. If you have more than just one or two bites, this is the best way to soothe your itches. Oatmeal is rich in vitamins, minerals, lipids and antioxidants, as well as being anti-inflammatory. Add that up, and you’ve got an itch-relieving wonder. It will restore your skin barrier, reduce inflammation and moisturise your skin, alleviating your pain in no time.

  4. Baking soda. This one may sound particularly odd, but it really does the trick. Mix a few drops of water with some baking soda until a thick paste forms. Spread it in a thin, even layer over each bite and let it dry. This works because baking soda is naturally alkaline. When applied to the bites, it can neutralise the pH of the bites, which helps to reduce itching.