in CONNECT | 02 Mar 2017

Dudes talk juicing, sweet treats & dancing

We interview two men who dance to get them in the mood for cold pressing. Yes that's right. Juicers that dance. At work. And they dance good too! They also enjoy sweet treats, classical music and The Glow.

Meet two of our star juicers! Continue reading for the Italian and the Dutchman's take on juicing, health and life at our Lab.

From an insider's perspective, what's so good about cold pressed?

Riccardo: There's a big difference between cold pressed and normal juicing. The technology used in cold pressed presses it really slowly. It's easy on the veggie and saves a lot more vitamins, minerals and enzymes. A blender uses a lot of violence.

What's an Italian doing working at The Cold Pressed Juicery Lab in the Netherlands?

Andrea: I'm from Marche, Italy. My Grandad had an organic farm in Italy. I saw how if you eat good things you see it in your body. This lab makes good organic things. I've been here for three months, it's good. We live in a stupid world where everyone wants non-organic things because they are cheaper, but they are not good for you.

How did you get into being a lab specialist?

Riccardo: I studied nutrition technology at university for three years. We covered all aspects from design packaging, ideal temperatures, to molecules and machines. I like getting to put it into practise here.

Why do you enjoy working here?

Andrea: It's good work to make organic things for our client. To help them live more healthy. So I like to work here for this reason. In the morning I feel good with the work I do, and if I eat well I can taste and feel the difference.

What's the day of juicing look like?

Riccardo: First we take all fruit & veggie, and weigh them. Then we wash them all very thoroughly and then cold press them all, one by one. The most time consuming part is actually cleaning. It's really important so the colour and flavours don't mix together. Parsley for example stains, and mint has a really strong flavour, so you have to clean the machine really really well. 

What's your favourite juice to make?

Andrea: The Pick me Up. It's the quickest as it has the shortest ingredient list. We always finish The Pro and The Pick Me Up first.

Riccardo: The Fix. It's the hardest. Haha. There's a lot to think about. It has the most ingredients. You need to calculate. There's so many veggies, you have to get the recipe perfect. It takes about an hour to make the batch of The Fix alone.

What's your favourite juice to drink?

Andrea: The Pick Me Up! I like the contrast between the red apple, the mint, and the lime. It's strange, but wholesome. Also The Glow, I love The Glow it's so sweet.

Riccardo: The Glow. It's very healthy. The pineapple makes it naturally sweet, and the ginger gives it a kick. I just love it and the colour. I know what's inside because of my studies. Pineapple has bromelain in it, it's very good for you it works almost like an antibiotic. 

What's your favourite savoury product?

Andrea: The sweet potato soup! It has such yum ingredients, and good flavours. For me Italians we're all about flavours together.

What's your guilty pleasure?

Riccardo: The banoffee, it's my favourite treat I love it. Because it's like candy but it's very healthy and very nice. Also the Powerballs, they are soooo good!

Do the juices recipes ever vary?

Riccardo: Sometimes there's difference in colour and taste. We use natural ingredients so there's always variables. You might get two types of pineapple, one is more sweet. It's a process of trial and error. We have to sample them to make sure the flavour is good.

What do you guys do for fun at work?

Andrea: We dance sometimes. When we do dance it makes Riccardo very happy. Haha. We have fun together, we work well as a team. Me on the big machine, Riccardo on the smaller one.

What's good juicing music?

Andrea: I love working to Italian music, but for Dutch people it's boring. We listen to classical a lot. We like it. We work hard. If we work too fast we make mistakes. But tranquil music helps us concentrate on our work. It makes for an easy happy team.

What does cold pressed mean to you?

Riccardo: Raw and fresh. How it has to be, and how it comes from nature. They expire in a couple of days as they have no preservatives and our juices aren't pasteurized and we don't use HPP. Some of the ingredients actually help preserve it, like lemon.

Is Cold Pressed juice big in Italy?

Andrea: Cold Pressed isn't really a thing in Italy. But I think they'd like it. For me Italians like quality food. Good produce and healthy things. They eat very healthy themselves. They have big gardens they grow their own fruit and veggies in. It's a hobbie for them. Healthy eating is a normal part of life.

Why do you enjoy your job?

Riccardo: I like to work with pure ingredients and healthy things. City life is so rushed and stressed, it's important to have extra vitamins and minerals that's why cold pressed juice is so good.