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Inner Peace Conference


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The inspiring entrepreneur Wessel Paternotte, founder of Delight Yoga talks to us about life, happiness, wellbeing and Amsterdam's first Inner Peace Conference taking place the 1st-2nd October 2016.

How would you describe inner peace?
For me, inner peace is about a balanced and healthy state of mind. If you want to have peace in your life, you can't control people or the external factors around you - the only thing can do is make sure you first find peace within yourself. Ultimately have an inner tranquility and equanimity so that outer challenges or turmoil don't affect you so much.
What inspired the Inner Peace Conference? 
I believe in the phrase "as within, so without" your outer world reflects your inner world. I think given the current turmoil the world is in with terrorism, climate change etc people are really looking for peace, even if they are not aware of it. Yoga, meditation, wisdom and music are the key to inner peace and a great bridge to unify people. 
It might sound a bit philosophical, but if everyone finds inner peace, the person next to you, and the person next to them, then slowly world peace is possible. Of course it's a long way to get there, but it's all one step at a time. Lots of people are connecting to yoga and meditation, we'll have a large group here so it's a step in the right direction. We're going to open on the Friday evening with the lighting of a world peace flame, and end with a mediation for world peace.
Do people care more about wellbeing now? And why?
There's been a natural growth in consciousness. Slowly we're growing to a new era of transformation. People are looking for self-actualisation and to find themselves. 
Do you think there has been a global shift to this type of lifestyle?
Life is going faster and faster, we're all getting more stressed, we are always on our phones, things are constantly happening, there are so many external influences on us. Our inner being wants peace, yet this is in conflict to our lifestyles. We see it all the time at our yoga studio, people rush in literally running in the door late for a relaxing yoga class being like "I need this class." Life is going so fast we need a counter weight. 

How do yoga, meditation and wisdom all fit together?
What most people see as yoga is the physical practise, now it is like the yoga itself is the goal, but putting your feet behind your head in the end is not what it is about. In the traditional philosophy yoga was designed to prepare the body for longer mediations, to purify the body, get rid of toxins. The deeper spiritual teachings are an integral part of it, that can help you life a balanced, happy life in peace. With the program we address the body, the mind and the spirit. It's all connected. 

How does music fit into an inner peace conference?
I've always been very much into music. Music has a transformational power, if it is good it connects to the heart, and helps you connect to your own inner being. Plus it's a universal language that unifies people.

How did you get into all this?
I was raised like that, my mother was really into yoga and spirituality. At first I was mostly interested in healing energy and meditation. I started practising Reiki (healing with energy) from the age of 18, studied it for a long time and became a Reiki master ten years ago. The "ki" part in the word Reiki means Universal life energy, the energy everything is made of, that is also talked about in Yoga as "prana". I started Delight Studio as a place for yoga, meditation and healing. Now ten years later we have five studios and I couldn't be happier. Especially now that I have found two great yoga masters that are in my life every day. They are my two sons (two and five years old), they keep me living in the moment.

Do you have a life mantra you live by?
I like the Buddhist quote "there is no way to happiness, happiness is the way" it's about finding happiness in each moment, in every moment there is happiness to be found. Stop looking for it in external things, in events, a job, money, it'll never be there. If there's always something in the future you're going after, something in the future you must get to be happy you'll never be happy. Happiness is already there. Another good one is "life is now" if you're not in the moment, you can't enjoy it.
Why did you decide to team up with The Cold Pressed Juicery?
First of all I love the juicery, and the founder Nathalie, she's great. I believe if you become more conscious about your lifestyle, the way you want to live your life, you care about your body and care more about what you give to your body and nutrients you put into it. The juicery is really perfect for me, and fits with this. They gather all the right ingredients, there's no added sugar, no additives. I like the philosophy. And you are what you eat.
What does an inner peace party look like?
Haha, well on Saturday we're having a dance party with live music and a DJ. Music you can dance your arse off to. Life is supposed to be fun, and about finding the joy and delight of being.
What would you say to newbees who were nervous to come?
Please do come, all the classes are open for all levels including beginners. I'm also still not "good" at yoga! That is not what it is about. Just come and take time to reconnect with yourself. Breathe. Smile. That's all!
Can you give us a quick summary of the conference?
The first day is about reconnecting to your inner being, helping you find your own path in life. The second day, Sunday is about finding your inner power and taking the things that you've learnt into the world - thinking what can I contribute? 
If people could take away one thing from the conference what would you hope that would be?
Inner Peace (laughs)


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