in | 18 Apr 2019




King’s Day is just around the corner. Finally! We don’t know about you, but we are so excited for the day we get to celebrate our country with pride, dress like The Bedrock and act like we’re 16 again. If you ask us, it’s totally the best day of the year.


There are so many things to do and people to see on King’s Day that it can feel a bit overwhelming. After all, it’s just one day! And if you don’t do it right, you’ll have to wait another 365 days to do it again. That’s why we consulted some of our amazing team members (both Dutchies and expats alike!) to find out what they’re up to for Koningsdag 2019.


So grab your favourite orange clothes, pick up a Turmeric, Orange & Black Pepper Shot and get ready for the best King’s Day ever!


Nathalie, Founder and CEO. My King’s Day? I have no idea yet! The past few years, I’ve actually worked in the stores myself in the morning and then just jumped on a boat with friends afterward. Or gone home to escape from the noise… This year, I think I will probably start my day with a Rocycle class and a juice! After that, I’ll probably play it by ear. We’re open in all our locations, so come by and say hi.


Nanda, Photographer. First, I go and have a champagne breakfast in the garden with friends and toast to the king. Then I put some red, white and blue stripes on my face (I’m not kidding) and find something as close to orange as possible and wear it. Then I put some vodka in a water bottle with soda and stuff it in my backpack. I put on my walking shoes, and then we start walking. This lasts for about 4-6 hours with stops around the canals wherever there’s good music along the way. Then we’ll get some snacks from the snack bar. I go vegan (aka French fries), but everyone else doesn’t. Then we go to my place to quickly freshen up and change outfits before heading to a party to dance. Then, we’ll see…


Hayley, Copywriter. Each of my King’s Days has been a sort of bigger, more joyful sister to the one before it. Every year I think to myself, ‘That was the best day ever. How could I possibly top it?’ And every year, somehow I manage. This year I have a dozen or so friends coming in from out of town to visit. We’re headed out on a huge boat with tons of friends in the afternoon, so I may take a page out of Nathalie’s book in the morning and squeeze in a sweat session at Rocycle and a juice (orange instead of green today!) before the madness begins.


Juliet, Social Media. It’s my first King’s Day in The Netherlands! I’ll sift through my wardrobe and try to find something orange! I live on a canal in the Jordaan, so I’ll get out the BBQ early and get friends over for an outside breakfast on the street. Get the chairs out, music going and veggies grilling (everyone and anyone can join! Come!). I’ll put my sunglasses on (we hope the sun comes out!), have my drink in hand and try to befriend anyone who has access to a boat! And go with the flow! Wherever there’s good music and snacks available, I’m down.