in | 17 May 2018



Spring. The time to start wearing all that skin reveals again. No more excuses in the form of thick jumpers or other cloaks of invisibility. For this, we must get ready. Now how does one get in this state of readiness. A beach body. What even is a beach body? Give us a plan, a work-out regime, a food schedule, a practice we can pull. Most of us want to lose a few.

Actually, instead of losing, I want you to gain something. An insight. Here is a little concept that could be liberating. You were born beach body ready. Quite literally. Picture yourself on a beach as a young kid. How happy you are, playing with the sand and the waves, running and stumbling around, carefree. Can you imagine having to stop that because of the thoughts in your head that block the frivolity? Thoughts like: I am not as skinny as that other girl, this bathing suit makes my tummy look this way, or those ice creams have made my legs look that way?

We can not help but notice how attractive people are who are comfortable in their own skin. Whatever they look like on the outside, they embrace that, and that appreciation is contagious. Sounds like an inside job, right? So instead of focussing on the exterior, let's try shifting our focus and see what happens from the inside out. 



Often, we actually forget our body is there, our temple, making our lives as we live it possible. Serving us humbly with its functionality and strength. When you become aware of this, cherishing it will come naturally. Our body serves us so we should do the same right back. If you work on your mind-body connection, it will be a lot harder to neglect your physique, and a lot easier to care for it.

→ getting beach-body-ready through connecting with your body.

The obvious thing here is to exercise, which of course will always make you feel and therefore look good. But appreciating your body can also be as small as a little self-massage in the morning, through self care, a nice shower or bath, using your favourite products, or just laying in the sun. You'll be amazed what solely a raised awareness of your body can change in your mindset and behaviour.




Since we stated that a beach body is a state of mind, start taking a look at how you speak about yourself, to yourself, and what that makes you project on to others. What you think, you attract, so choose how decorate your inner world carefully. That voice of your inner critic is really not at all who you are. Try and make everything you feel, think or project on to people a win-win situation. It will show.

→ getting beach body ready through affirmations.

Picture yourself when you felt confident about the way you looked. This can be a long or a short time ago, it does not really matter under what circumstance. Now go ahead and, from that place of confidence, think of an affirmation you would strive for to always feel like about your appearance. Don't be shy, there is really no limit to your goals here. 'I am beautiful'. 'I embrace my body'. 'I am proud of the way I look'. It may feel a little awkward at first, but if you're not going to believe it, then who will. If phrases like that feel too ambitious, a simple 'I accept myself just as I amcan be just as, maybe even more, powerful. On repeat please.



Choosing a salad over a hamburger should not be a restriction, but a way of taking care of yourself. What will make your body and all of its components most happy? When your body is happy, so is your spirit. Every bite you take is an active choice of the effect it will have on how you feel. Choose wisely. Not too little, not too much, just keep it simple and eat what feels, truly feels, right.

→ getting beach body through nourishing your body.

No need to be perfect here. You know we are all about the balance. Just keep in mind you are what you eat, so if you eat mostly junk, you will not feel that sparkly. If you mostly eat in a way that will add to your health and happiness, it will make you feel confident, and from there you can indulge sometimes without the shame or guilt. Ever heard of the 80/20 rule?


What is done in love, is done well

- Vincent van Gogh.


The remedy for regret is intention. The antidote for insecurity is love. If you do something from a clearly stated intention, that was well thought of but most importantly felt right, whatever action follows, the chance you will regret it is initially small. So if you act from a place of love, you will not only see your actions align with your best self, but you will start to feel, think, and look like it. All starting with radical self love. Is there anything more magnetic?

→ getting beach body ready is loving your body and Self.

Love as your intention can help you make the right choices food wise, and motivate you to care without seeing it as if you're missing out. Surely, if you take care of the three first points of this list, it will be hard not to love who and what you are. You are this conscious, confident, healthy being, and for this you are oh so beautiful. I mean, look at you!



If all else fails, if you are freaking out while squeezing into your swimwear in the dreaded fitting rooms, panicking because of what you (think you) see in the mirror, there is always the final solution. Think of yourself on the beach as a kid. You were ready then, you are ready now. How to have a beach body? Have a body. Go to the beach. It should really be that simple.