in LEARN | 01 Dec 2016

How to counteract a sugar hangover this season


A mere handful of sugar can throw your body out of wack, so imagine what a feast of Sinterklaas proportions can do. Cue headaches, mood swings, cravings, low immunity, weight gain, yeast infections, dehydration, constipation and a vast host of other ailments. Lovely. Not quite what you were hoping for this Christmas?


Well, here's a sure fire way to rebalance your body and blood sugar levels:


1. Acknowledgement

Step one is always acknowledgement. Admitting that perhaps, just maybe, you might have eaten a tad too much sugar


2. Water

Water is always the answer to everything! It will literally flush out the excess sugar. Keep drinking, aim for about two litres a day


3. Lean green machine

A green juice is one of the best quick fire detoxes. It alkalises the body, and gives it a much needed nutrient boost. Try get one that's composed mostly of veggies such as our favourites the Fix, The Pret a Protein, The Iron Man or our new rooty juice - The Bedrock


4. Magnesium

Excessive sugar depletes the bodies magnesium levels. Magnesium is crucial for nerve and muscle health. Buy magnesium powder or eat extremely dark raw chocolate like our raw cacao Power balls or Glow bars. Yes it's allogeen. Did you know that sweet potato also contains lots of magnesium? Our new juice the Bedrock's main ingredient is sweet potato. 

5. Exercise

Up your work outs. Go for that run or Rocycle spin class. When your heart beats faster blood pumps faster, which uses the glucose in your bloodstream quicker. Interval training has been proven to be the most successful way to beat a sugar overload, so try vary the intensity of your work out


6. Go sour

Fermented foods such as yoghurt, kefir and sauerkraut all help rewire the body after too much sugar. And the plus side? Eating lots will help you develop a taste for sour food which counteracts sweet cravings 


    7. Get some good bacteria

    Probiotics stabilise blood sugar levels and add good bacteria to the body supporting your immune system which suffers after a sugar binge. Grab the Pro juice or ask for a probiotic to be added in your juice, smoothie or shot


    8. Protein

    Eat protein with every meal. I repeat every meal. Until you feel the side affects dwindling. Protein slows the absorption rate of glucose, stabilises blood sugars and will keep you full for longer minimising more cravings


    9. Fibre

    Fibre improves blood sugar control, and will slow the absorption of additional sugars. Eat a bunch of chia, fruits, seeds and vegetables. Munch on that carrot!


    10. Powershot it

    The powershot package is the ultimate body detoxer and energiser. Aloe vera, ginger, tumeric, wheatgrass and E3Live all host a wonder of properties. If taken in sync they're designed to give your body the ultimate boost and reset