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Out of all the seasons, sustainable choices feel probably most accessible over spring and summer. The sun shines more, the days are longer: we need less artificial light and warmth. We naturally connect with the great outside more, as beaches and grass in parks are seductively calling us in. We spend less time inside. But with that comes a responsibility. We don't just want to make use of those wide open spaces, and leave our stamp in the form of post-picnic, -festival, -beachday, or any other kind of celebratory consumption in the form of trash in return. Not cute. To help you out, we made you an overview  as to what to do, where to go and how to not only find and contribute to mother earth, but celebrate her too.


1. Plastic Free Shopping

This spring, Ekoplaza, one of our favourite local organic supermarkets, has come come up with a genius pop-up. World's first 100% plastic free pop-up! Even when it looks like plastic, it's made from biodegradable matter (like our straws). Since then they have integrated the products into every one of their stores.

Find those products here.

If you are not near an Ekoplaza, try hitting a local market with your own tote or basket, or at least try not using plastic bags while loading up on your fruit and veg in the regular supermarket.

Order an organic cotton fruit/veg-bag here.


2. Open Tuinen Dagen

Ready to explore the hidden botanical gems the city of Amsterdam has to offer? On the weekend of the 15th, 16th and 17th of June, many canal houses and other private venues open their doors to the public to treat us with their colourful and tranquil beauty. There are several starting points located throughtout the city, and you can get a passe-partout if you want to make sure to acces every flower or leaf you can lay your eyes upon.

Find more info here.

3. Conscious Food Festivals

Needless to say building and holding a festival requieres a lot of energy. At the same time it is a lovely opportunity to be outside and enjoy some music, food and drinks with a feel of community. So if you do choose to go to one of the many fun festivals out there, try and support the conscious ones.

    - Mandala Festival, the Burning Man of the Dutch forrests (and trash free!), more info here.

    - VEGGIE Food Festival, more info here.

      - Funky Vegan Festival, more info here.


        4. Raise your awareness at Pakhuis de Zwijger.

        Lectures, documentaries, exhibitions, and other events, all in the light of the wellbeing of our planet. Be sure to have your environmental horizon broadened and to gain some interesting knowledge and perspectives.

        More info here.


        5. Go for a Picnic with us

        We like to keep it as clean and grean as we physically can, so if you decide to embark on a picnic, we are happy to help!

        - Expect another new product to be launched in glass jars that will acompany you for the perfect lunch on your plaid. Keep an eye on our social media, menu's and fridge. More to be anounced!

        - Where there is a party, there are shots. Ours come in little glass bottles and make quite the boosting aperitif.

        - When you bring your own cup, bottle, jar, flask to our store for us to fill up with liquid healthy goodness, you not only get a discount, you save on waste too. There's a win-win we like to support.

        You can order a stylish mason jar here or re-use an empty jar you would otherwise throw in the (recycling) bin. Try and use metal tupperware, replace plastic cuttlery for biodegradable ones, paper plates, take your water from home. A lot of small things you can do or change will bring about a shift, regardless of the volume or scale. And don't forget to have fun with it!