in THINK | 06 Jul 2017

How to be an everyday hero

We grow up hearing tales of superheroes performing wondrous feats that save humanity. We dream of being like Wonder Woman or Batman with remarkable superhuman powers. Yet minus the glamour, what these superheroes really do is help people. They look out for those in need, and make the world a better place for the average Jane or Joe.


What the world really needs is not more superheroes, but more everyday heroes. Those who make the world a better place on the daily.

“All the best heroes are ordinary people who make themselves extraordinary” - Gerard Way

Here’s how to channel your favourite childhood superhero, and be an everyday hero.


Just a simple smile at a stranger can make someone’s day. We’re not talking some evil over the top villain grin, but a genuine smile that comes from the heart. Practise smiling on the regular. 


If you know someone is having a hard time ask them how they are. Often we tip toe around such topics, but have a little courage and ask the difficult questions. Trust that if they don’t want to talk about it they will let you know.


Don’t wait until Random Act of Kindness Day. Do little gestures all year round. Pay for someone’s meal at a restaurant. Donate to those in need. Leave anonymous flowers on a friend’s door step. Let someone go in front of you in the supermarket line. Little gestures make all the difference. The more you follow your instincts the kinder you’ll notice yourself being repeatedly.


Like the Facebook page of a charity project to show your support. Write a positive review of a small business you like. In today’s day and age many companies say 50% of business comes from reviews online. Help the little guys doing a good job grow. 


Nothing makes someone you’ve just met feel more valued than remembering their name. Learn the names of the staff at your local stores, the receptionist at work and see how they beam when they see you. 


If you feel the urge to say something nice to someone don’t overthink it, just say it. Compliments are free. People 

cherish small words of kindness more than you realise.


This superhuman power will help not only others, but also yourself. It could just be the key to immortality. Research shows those who forgive live longer.

Kindness is contagious. Think about the last time you did something for someone from the heart. How did you feel after? Was there a positive repercussion? Next time you watch a superhero film take note of the small everyday acts of kindness these heroes bestow. Be inspired, and emulate them. In your own way.