in | 12 Jul 2018


There is nothing better than a vacation. Lazy days. No alarm clocks. No rules. What more could you ask for?


That being said, there is one tiny problem with vacation. They tend to throw us completely off track for our healthy, happy lifestyles. While a break from a grueling fitness regime and a few extra indulgences are wonderful things to be celebrated, we sometimes take things a bit too far. We end up returning from our holiday, more tired and stressed out than when we left.


But what if you could thoroughly enjoy your holiday without ditching all those beautiful habits you’ve established? It may sound tricky, but trust us – it’s possible! Here are our top tips for keeping a little active, staying healthy and building that lovely glow whilst on holiday.


1. Start with a protein-packed breakfast. One of the best things about being on vacation is indulging in the terrific local cuisine, but it isn’t always the kindest to our guts. Eating a healthy, hearty, protein-packed breakfast will benefit your cholesterol and blood sugar levels. It will also satisfy you and give you energy and likely keep you from reaching for those underwhelming hotel pastries. With a healthy egg scramble packed with spinach in your tummy, you’ll be that much more excited to sample the exotic offerings come lunchtime.

2. Sleep, sleep and more sleep. The cathedrals and museums can wait a little. They’ve been there for hundreds of years already! When you are not properly rested, you are less likely to eat mindfully. Take your time and luxuriate in bed after a lie-in or tuck in for an early night. Holidays are the perfect time to catch up on sleep.

3. Make your moves. Not many of us want to hit the gym hard when we’re on vacation, and that is totally ok! Instead, rent a bike and pedal through lovely country lanes or pack a picnic and walk to the next beach over for a secluded lunch you’ve definitely earned. Surf, go for a hike, whatever! The world is your oyster.

4. Hydration station. Make sure you sneak in a few glasses of water between those tropical cocktails by the pool. Staying hydrated will help you keep your glow and feel like your best self when you’re on vacation. It will also help keep your digestion flowing, which can be disrupted from flights and time changes.


5. Get your own piece of inner peace. There’s no need to head to a silent ashram (though props to you if you do!) to achieve a little Zen during your holiday. Carve out five minutes a day to meditate, journal or practice a bit of gentle morning yoga. Sun salutations for all!


6. Glow up. Your holiday should be all about you. And when you’re taking care of yourself, you cannot forget about your skin. Sun and sea are truly lovely, but they can also strip your skin a bit. Take a few extra moments in the shower to apply a tropical coconut and coffee scrub from The Rub Scrub. Once you’re out of the shower, be sure to moisturize with a rich, hydrating cream. And don’t forget your face!