in | 12 Oct 2017

Heal your body from the inside out

We always get questions about the benefits of our juices and thought we'd give you all of the benefits in one place! Bookmark this article, screenshot it, send it to your friends, do whatever you have to in order to know what to get the next time you'd like to heal your body. 


The Fix: 

A natural elixir that nourishes your body though a carefully balanced selection of detoxifying greens and ginger. This rise and shine number is best enjoyed in the morning for a day of slow burning energy. 



The Pret-a-Protein: 

A vegetable based power juice with a extra kick of spirulina, topped off with a fruit fiesta of pear, green apple and lime. This pocket rocket can be enjoyed throughout the day, however should be avoided at night due to the caffeine like effects of spirulina (no midnight snacking!). 



The Reset: 

This natural healer floods your body with Vitamin C to deliver a powerful lift to your day. Even better, extra cayenne will increase your metabolism sending winter weight running. We love this in the afternoons as a tasty break or when we feel a cold coming on. 


The Pro: 

This is your natural Yakult. Probiotics are the star of this show, combining with zesty lemon, apple and fennel to promote healthy digestion. This is definitely one of our favourites.


The Glow: 

Pineapple, berries and beetroot work together to unveil your skin’s inner light. Enjoy this naturally enzyme rich treat anytime you think your skin could use a boost. 


The Iron Man: 

A hard working juice intent on cleaning your liver and increasing your blood cell count. This red delight is best an hour or two before bedtime.



The Pick Me Up: 

The goodness of apple, mint and lime have come together to create a healthy treat for a slow day. Perfect for in the office or taking a quick break when you’re out and about. We drink this anytime, anywhere. 



The Bedrock:

Lay the foundations for a perfect night’s sleep with this delicious medley of fruits and vegetables. Sweet potato’s extra magnesium acts a natural muscle relaxer to help send you into a deep and rewarding sleep. 


The MOAJ: 

Utilising 11 active ingredients from kale to watercress, The MOAJ is the complete juice package. We love to get this juice in early, midday at the latest. 



The Astronaut’s Fuel: 

Luckily you won’t have to travel the universe to find Blue Majik, one of the most nutrient dense algae known to man. Delightfully sweet, enjoy this early afternoon or evening. 


The Lightsaber: 

Healthy glowing skin and healthy digestion? Count us in. Thanks to pineapple and aloe vera, this powerhouse of a juice has everything you want in a juice and more. It's green, it's tasty, and it fills you thanks to the chia seeds. The Lightsaber is unlike juice you've ever had. We promise!