in BUY | 23 Jul 2017

The deluxe detox cookbook that will bring you happiness & inner greenery


Our friends at Green Happiness have added another cook book to their lineage. We think you’re sure to love as it’s about one of our favourite subjects - DETOXING.


Tessa and Merel are sure to motivate you on your detoxing mission with their wealth of tips, facts and recipes that will tantalise the tastebuds. Yes, even amidst a detox you can enjoy food. This is a deluxe detox. Try soups, smoothies, ice creams and light meals all designed to give your body a rest, getting it to its optimum state. 


Better yet, they’ve now got online videos to accompany the recipes. Get that human touch, and extra support you so desire mid detox when you’re lacking inspiration. The cookbook explains what happens to your body during a detox, and the powerful affects all the nutrients you’re consuming are really having. 


There’s 35 delicious recipes, a weeks worth of menus and grocery lists so everything is super easy and user friendly. Of course avid health fans will want to use these recipes in their daily life, not just when in detox mode. The book was designed to kickstart you into a healthier eating food pattern.


Looking for more energy? Beauty on the inside and out? This may just be the cookbook for you.. Just make sure you’ve got a good blender standing by. Dutchies and expat alike will love this cook book. Request an English version, or enhance that Dutch vocab.


Only € 29.95, check it out on the Green Happiness website here and use the discount code TCHXCPJ for a cool €5 discount on your copy.


Plant eaters these recipes will bring you much happiness, green happiness. Balance and alkalise your body from within, and see the benefits flourish into other parts of your life.