in THINK | 26 Apr 2017

You said our juices were pricey? Try it at home & see for yourself..

It's the time of the year we're celebrating all things Dutch. Dutchie's are renowned for their thrifty ways, which has got us questioning the price of a cold pressed juice. Why exactly do they come with the hefty price tag? And is it cheaper to do it yourself?

We decided to put it to the test. We headed to a local organic store (that shall remain anonymous) and did the maths.

Ingredients for 1x 500ml Fix

2x bags of kale             €5.98

2 x lemons                    €1.98

2x bags of spinach       €4.98

1x cucumber                €0.99

2x romaine lettuces      €2.98

1x bunch of celery       €2.39

1x bunch of parsley     €1.99

1x bunch of ginger       €0.99



This amount of goodies, will give or take make you two juices. We don't want to give the exact recipe away. That's a whopping total price. Especially if you take into consideration the value of your time: going to the supermarket, washing the produce, juicing it and then cleaning up after. Suddenly €7.75 doesn't seem quite so bad. 

When using your own juicer at home you also have more waste, as centrifugal juicers crunch faster and draw less sap from the produce. This means you need more produce, and you still end up throwing more of the produce away.

We know we love to rave about cold pressed, but it really is the best. The technique is so specialised, it keeps the vitamins and minerals intact - ensuring more goodness gets to you. We even custom designed our own machine, that wouldn't even fit into the standard kitchen. So we think we're the best option, and a bargain compared to €22.

We used 100% organic produce for our little experiment. Of course it would be cheaper if you used non-organic produce, but food that is cheap is simply not comparable. Do you want to be pumping nasty pesticides into your blood stream? This is what real organic fruit and veggies cost. They take more time to grow slowly in right conditions. We hate looking at prices, but we wanted to wake people up to the real cost of real food.

Remember, the most expensive price to pay is getting sick. Think of the vitamin C powder, echinacea pills, cold and flu tablets and gingers shots that you stock up on once you're sick - and that's just for a cold. So however your drinking your juice, as long as you're drinking juice, we're happy. This King's Day we're gonna be cheering to health!