in EAT | 15 Sep 2016

We're crushing... big time.

Want to keep that warm summer feeling? Here's one way… 

Ginger shots are hot property at the juicery. People yearn for this spicy concoction, so much so they always sell out. But what is the ginger shot all about? And should you believe the hype?


Each of our teeny wee shots contains a surprisingly large amount of ginger - up to 2kg of pressed ginger. That is a potent few sips your body will thank you for now and later. 


You'll probably notice an instant boost of energy, an extra zest in your step and a little adrenaline rush having survived the infamous ginger shot. And that flavour is so moreish. But ginger's huge worldwide popularity stems not just from its culinary advantages but also its medicinal qualities.


Ginger improves the absorption of essential vitamins and minerals in the body aiding digestion. Its carminative powers prevent the build up of and elimination of intestinal gas. 


Travel sickness? Morning sickness? Ginger is great at helping prevent nausea, and is safe to be consumed during pregnancy.


Ginger is also perfect during winter as it will literally warm you from within. It also gives your immune system a much needed boost, and help clear sinuses once a cold has already set in.


Here at TCPJ, ginger is our cure-all. Headache? Ginger. Cramps? Ginger. Hangover? Ginger. Tired? Ginger. Sick? Ginger. You get the idea...


Next time you come into the store, ask for a ginger shot with your juice or smoothie. You'll thank us later. Keep in mind these are spicy. In a great, addictive sort of way.


Protip: A ginger shot in the Sinner smoothie tastes like a guilt-free, delicious gingerbread cookie. Perfect for Autumn/Winter.