in THINK | 01 Dec 2016

Be everyone's favourite person this year (gifts you'll want to keep)


We've put together a little gift guide for the festive season. It's practical, sure to charm, inspire and has a healthy twist. We've curated this selection of goodies sure to please him or her.

Sort of Coal €23.50

For the naughty in your life give them some coal. Only this is no ordinary coal. White activated charcoal is the sort of coal you may actually want to receive. Handcrafted in Japan this will purify your water, draining out toxins making it just like drinking lush spring water. Buy in store: the Cold Pressed Juicery

Customisable light box  €38.50

Not only do these look super cute and trendy, but you can personalise your present with an inspiring message or quote. They come with a range of letters, so are interchangeable to suit various moods or themes. Buy online:


Cleanse 1 day 42.50, 3 day €125, 5 day €195

Give the gift of health! Health, energy, glowing skin and slenderness. Just what everyone wants after the festive season. Buy in store: the Cold Pressed Juicery

Antipodies from €8

A range of natural skincare products made in New Zealand that are sure to charm both sexes. With natural bioactive ingredients such as Manuka honey and avocado oil, these antioxidant rich formulas have scientifically proven anti-ageing results. Antipodies have face creams, cleansers, toners, travel minis make up and more. Buy online:


Polaroid camera €65 

These mini polaroid cameras are super cute. Instant photos, and instant fun. Easy to manoeuvre, perfect for the snap happy person in your life. Buy in store or online:


Spiraliser €20

Make your own courgetti. You could even make carrot, beetroot, swede, cucumbers or potato noodles. You think it, and you can probably do it. They make an excellent light pasta dish, perfect for the colder months. Buy online:


Beard oil  €30

For the refined bearded gent. Beard oil trends have come, and not gone. We like this au natural one sure to moisturise your facial locks and the pine scent is oh so festive. Buy online:

Copper lamp €199

Everyone loves copper, it goes beautifully with wood, white and urban cool spaces. This copper plated table lamp is super cute. Buy online:


DIY nut milk bag €8.95

This is one for the health fans and foodies. With this little fabric bag they can make their own dairy free nut milks. Use soaked nuts (activating them makes them more nutritious too) blend, and then strain them through the bag. Give them a nice jar of pistachios, hazelnuts or almonds to go with them. Ummm yummmmmm. Buy online:


50 days of green happiness: the winter edition 

We love this beautiful cookbook, it makes the ideal gift for a foodie that loves to cook. This winter edition has more than 200 wholesome recipes many catering for the colder months. It includes a personal food dairy, weekly shopping lists and lots of handy nutrition tips. Check out their other cook books too. Buy online:

Juice gift card  

€21.50   3x juice card

€35.00   5x juice card

€72.50   11x juice card

Give the gift of being a regular, nothing nicer then walking in store and being greeted by name. Buy a large juice gift card and we'll put the lucky person in our system, all they need to do it turn up easy as pie. You can't gift wrap juice, but you can gift wrap a card. We'll even do that for you. Buy in store: the Cold Pressed Juicery


Delight yoga pass €50

Buy a introduction to yoga pass, give the gift of zen-ness. The perfect way for a newbee to learn to do yoga. Learning to breathe properly is priceless. Buy in store or online:


Museum pass annual €59.90

Give the gift of knowledge! Unlimited visits to Amsterdam's world class museums. Buy online:


Cold brew coffee maker €34.90

Cold pressed coffee is so on trend. And for good reason. It's delicious, and easy to make at home. Chemex is a classic, you can't go wrong. They're sure to love it (and you) Buy online:

Rocycle gift card from €18

Buy a gift card and give some Rocycle love to friends or family. The ultimate workout on a bike, music and endorphins included. Buy in store: rocycle


Fashionable socks €10 

Everyone always gets socks, but no one wants socks. Unless they're these socks. They button together, so you can't lose them. They are also fashionable, made with top cotton threads, and there's woollen versions for the cooler months. Buy online:

Make a DIY chocolate mask 

Make this scrumptious chocolate face mask, put it in a nice glass jar. it tastes so good, they'll want to eat it. Stick to the chocolate theme & decorate it with some of our raw chocolate treats. The raw praline Glow bar, and coffee crunch Choco & things are both simply divine.

Make it yourself: recipe  Buy in store: the Cold Pressed Juicery


My Petite Kitchen cook book €17.50

Another great cook books for whole food lovers (in english only) More than 100 nourishing recipes with many refined sugar, gluten, dairy and sugar free options. Learn to make your own nut milks, sauces and pantry staples. Buy online: