in | 16 Sep 2017

From seven pizzas to seven juices

We talk to twenty nine year Italian Marcello about how he finds working at the juicery. A natural leader and generally cheerful person to have around, after only a few months he was promoted to team leader of two stores - Prinsengracht and Rocycle, managing eleven staff. Marcello hails from Padova a town in the north of Italy, always seen with a beaming smile he oozes genuine Italian charm.

Tell us a little about your day to day responsibilities?

I basically make sure that our shops look amazing at all times, they have to be perfect in each and every aspect. How do I like to have them? Super clean, tidy and only 100% fresh products in there! To organise the schedule is also part of my daily fun, to train people and make sure that everything is running smoothly - smoothies and all.

What's your favourite Juicery product?

After my first shift I was ready to try them all, but I remember that The Astronaut's fuel got my full attention, so that was the first one I had. I was definitely stoked about it! Soooo good! If you haven't tried this guy yet... man, you should give it a go!

But that's obviously not the one and only, in fact that one only led me to dig further into the fridges to try them all. The Bedrock for example, it's not the first one that you'll notice on our menu, but once you try it... Wait and see.

What Juicery product do you grab when you're hungover?

Hehe... this question! You can't imagine how may times I've heard that one on Sunday morning. Depend how bad it is, if you have an upset stomach etc. But you basically you need to hydrate so get yourself some coconut water, we have them super fresh! You'll surely need a ginger shot, that in my opinion is the best remedy: it really works!

Got any funny stories to share?

I've got plenty of them, seems like every sort of thing always happens here! But the one that still makes me smile the most is with our customer David. He's been a regular since we first opened, and he keeps coming at least every week to get a Super Bowl. Long story short, I've got to know him a little bit and he definitely is a nice dude, and since he is a photographer we got talking about his photographs. Well, at one point he decided to show me a few pictures he's taken, and you could only imagine how many hard disks, how many gigabytes of photos he must have from photographing for years. Well it just so happens that this one photo that he shot three years ago...well that had me as a subject! Hehehe I just couldn't believe it, it was the weirdest feeling ever! He obviously didn't realise that either, since I pointed it out to him. Now, that's what I call a huge coincidence, isn't it!?

Do you notice a difference in your life when you're eating healthy?

I really notice the difference, for one I have heaps of energy all day it doesn't dip like it used to. In my previous job I was a pizza chef (yepp, what a cliche right?) I ended up eating at least one pizza per day. At least. Don't get me wrong, I love pizza and I couldn't imagine a world without it, but eating seven pizzas a week doesn't feel great, juice on the other hand... Anyhoo, I've changed for the better and it really does feel different. An Italian will never give up pizza, but this Italian will also never give up juices.