in EAT | 10 Apr 2017

Healthy foodie guide to Amsterdam


We've chosen a selection of our favourite healthy eateries in the Dam. All complete with not only with great whole food options, but also cute as pie interiors that'll inspire ambient eating. 

Plantage Doklaan

The kind folks at Plantage Doklaan do a very cool initiative, every Wednesday they cook three course meal for a mere €5 donation. It's plant based, with vegan friendly options and they have €2 beer to sweeten the deal. The fine cuisine is made with ugly fruits and veggies thrown away by stores around the city, so tuck in knowing you're also helping make the world a greener place!


Amsterdam's first porridge bar boasts more than just good porridge. They're all about the bowl, serving a selection of delicious breakfast and lunch grain bowls complete with a variety of tasty toppings. Think coconut yoghurt and rhubarb compote for breakfast, or grilled tempeh and homemade beetroot hummus with lunch. Their catch phrase is plant based comfort food. It's healthy, but oh so tasty. 

The Avocado Show

The new kid on show, we don't mind a bit of hype when it's in the name of a good avocado. Rumour has it everything on the menu is super tasty, and artfully decorated for the love of avocado. We can't wait to check this place out.


Meaning lettuce in Dutch, there's so much more to this place then just lettuce leaves. Decadent salads, matcha lattes, good coffee and cakes are just a few of the goodies you'll find in store. Scattered across the city, chances are there's one in your neighbourhood. It's a good place to set up camp and work for the day, or head along for some evening dining.

Lavinia Good Food

The name says it all. We like good food. Warm hearty meals, salads and sweet treats make this something for all foodies. This could be the healthiest pizza in town, we also highly recommend the avocado toast and raw cakes. A great place for central city lunching.

The Meets

They have bitterballen made from beetroot, enough said. Set in De Pijp this place goes from day to night, making it a real evening hot spot. They even have a great takeaway menu. The mouth watering selection is 80% plant based. It's based on the concept of sharing good food with good people, so head along with some of your favs.

Meatless District

Said to be one of Amsterdam's coolest vegan eateries, this New York inspired industrial cafe does everything from breakfast to evening drinks. Clean eating at its finest, be sure to eat your heart's content here. Breakfast is served with coffee or fresh orange juice, we like! Also we've heard the MD burger is a must.

Mana Mana

Hands down the best Israeli and Lebanese food in town. This middle eastern restaurant in De Pijp doesn't skimp on the flavour, a divine find for vegetarians. We recommend pretty much everything on the menu.


Our absolute favourite Italian hot spot. Perfect for that date night or a special occasions. If you tell the owner or chef you eat plant based they'll whip up something special from scratch. You won't believe how fresh and good it tastes!

De Bolhoed

Hearty and home cooked, head here for a casual dinner with a bohemian feel. They do great veggie and vegan options like burritos, stir fries and much more. Now it's virtually summer, bask in the sun and make the most of their outdoor seating.


Treats that are maybe a smidgen healthier than usual. This is the place to go for organic beers, local produce, and junk food made with love. Now summer's around the corner, grab the new to go meals from Marqt. Tasty, fresh and healthy, they are perfect for a boat ride or picnic in the park. 

The Cold Pressed Juicery

And of course we highly recommend ourselves! ;) We're the only place that make raw gluten free wraps that are handmade with dehydrated veggies. They come with yum homemade pesto or hummus. We also have tasty hot vegan soups, raw snacks and much more made with love and 100% organic ingredients.

Whatever you fancy, there's something for every vegan, vegetarian or flexitarian in this fine city that boats some damn good cuisine.