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Remember that band the Foo Fighters? Well, we’ve actually got a little upgrade on them for you: The Flu Fighters. We got sick of feeling sick and sick of having to turn to pharmacy when we do. That’s why this year (if we can’t beat it before we get it) we’re going to opt for natural remedies. After all, Mother Nature has been healing us for centuries.


Just as a doctor would give you a prescription when you’re sick, we’ve got a natural prescription for you when cold and flu have taken over. A little homeopathic protocol that will help your body heal naturally without the use of over-the-counter drugs.


1. Gargle with salt water. They say that salt water can heal almost anything, and in some ways, it’s true. As soon as you start to feel sick, begin gargling with salt water in the morning and the evening. Not only will it help with the symptoms of a sore, itchy throat but it will also pull viral fluids out of the throat area. All you need is about ½ teaspoon of salt – we like Himalayan pink salt – dissolved in a glass of warm water. Gargle for 30 seconds to a minute, twice a day.

2. Add elderberry syrup to your smoothie. Though we don’t generally recommend indulging in lots of sugary things, adding a little bit of elderberry syrup can help you fight your newly acquired cold. The elderberry, which comes from the elder tree, has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that will help relieve sinus infections and shorten colds and flus.

3. Have a little honey, honey. Manuka does more than just taste good. It will help suppress your cough and soothe your sore throat, as it removes the irritation from the mucous membranes that fuel your cough reflex. The antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties of Manuka honey also make it extra effective in battling for your immune system.

4. Take a shot. A ginger shot. Pick up a few of our Ginger Shots to last you through the week when you’re battling a cold or flu. Its anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties make it effective at battling congestion, nausea, colds and fevers. Make sure to add some to your tea for double the benefits.

5. Be pro-probiotics. If you have a healthy gut (and considering you’re reading this, we can assume you probably do!), probiotics will help give your immune system a boost. You can opt for probiotic-rich food like coconut yoghurt or simply reach for probiotic pills. Either will do the job.

6. Don’t be a vampire, grab the garlic. It may make you a little un-kissable, but garlic is packed with minerals, enzymes, vitamin C, sulphur and selenium, all of which are excellent at busting colds and flus. Feel free to mince a few cloves and add to your warming soups from TCPJ, or, if you’re extra bold, munch on a whole clove.

7. Become a propolis pro. So you definitely know about honey, but what about propolis? We didn’t think so. Propolis is the substance that bees use to seal in their hives. This means it’s incredibly anti-viral and anti-bacterial. Pick some up at your local health food store like De Aanzet in De Pijp to harness its powers.

8. Invest in the essentials. Essential oils, that is. Power to the plants! There are so many powerful essential oils that can help fight colds and flus, and we love to mix and match for the perfect remedy. Drop a few drops of eucalyptus oil and peppermint oil into your diffuser to take advantage of their antiviral and antimicrobial properties and powers of decongestion and fever reduction, respectively.