in | 27 Jan 2019




Around this time every year, an all-too-familiar mentality takes over. Out with the old, and in with the new! And while it may feel as if you’ve done this over and over again, it’s actually a nice ritual. A time to look at your life and evaluate what you love and what you don’t, changing and getting rid of habits or things that don’t bring you joy.


Most of us apply this attitude to our diet, our workout regime and our reading lists. But what about our homes? Other than perhaps our offices, we spend most of our lives in the comfort of our homes. So, really, we should be taking a look at our apartments or houses before almost anything else!


An ancient practice, feng shui is both beautiful and beneficial. Even putting a few of the practices in place can transform lives in uplifting and positive ways that you might not expect. There is no better time than now to give your home a nice little feng shui makeover. In fact, January is actually considered to be the best time to tackle a little bit of feng shui, as it’s right before the Chinese New Year.


Ready for a makeover? Us, too. Here are some easy quick fixes that will make you feel like you have a whole new home, bringing in good energy for the year to come.


1. When one door opens… When people come to visit you (or when you come home yourself), the first thing you see is your front door. It’s also where energy enters the home. You want to welcome energy, and your friends, with warmth and positivity, so make sure your door is in tip-top shape. Does it open properly? Is the paint scratched? Is it dirty? Repair anything that needs fixing and consider giving it a fresh lick of paint in a colour that makes you smile.


2. Do not abandon hope all ye who enter here. This isn’t Dante’s This is your wonderful home! The entryway should be peaceful and without clutter. Do you really need those beach towels folded up? Or six umbrellas? We kind of doubt it. Whatever you do need in your entryway can be tucked away inside pretty boxes or baskets. This will create order and calm. You want it to be welcoming and grounding.


3. Make your living room liveable. Other than your bedroom, this is probably the spot you hang out in most often when you’re at home. As with your entryway, proper storage is essential. In feng shui, it’s best to make a living room as relaxing and gezellig as possible. A great way to do this is to tuck away electronics and devices inside of more attractive baskets or boxes that are easily reachable when you need them. It’s best to declutter, so give away any books you don’t plan to read anymore or that don’t have any sentimental value. Is your sofa positioned beneath a ceiling beam? Move it! This will ensure you don’t have any harsh “cutting energy” when you want to lounge.


4. Abundance rules in the kitchen. It’s important to pack your kitchen with beautiful, healthy food, as it brings in abundant energy. Pick up a couple jars of our Banana Vanilla Granola to keep in the cupboards, and grab some Power Balls to stock the cookie jar. It’s also important to pay special attention to the fridge and stove. You want to optimize organisation to keep things calm and also ensure you reach for healthy snacks rather than takeout. If your kitchen has a water element directly next to a fire element (in layman’s terms that would be the sink next to the stove), you should place a plant or wooden cutting board between them so that fire and water are not clashing in your home.


5. Mirror mirror on the wall. Or actually on the bathroom door! Chi often goes down the drain in the bathroom, so you always want to close the doors of bathrooms and close the lids of your toilet. Placing a mirror on the outside of your bathroom door ensures that the chi will stay inside your home, rather than finding its way down your drains in the bathroom.


6. Get centred. If you’re into feng shui, you should locate the centre of your home and turn it into a grounded, calming spot, as its ruling element is earth. Opt for cream and gold tones here and remove any tall shelves or furniture. Candles and plants, as well as soft textures like chairs and blankets, will help to promote peace and health.