in | 20 Sep 2019

End of Summer Reset



Whether or not those words make you want to cry, we all have to face the music. Summer is over. And while the thought may send shivers down some people’s spines, we have to admit that we are HERE FOR IT. We love just about every season, as with each turn, we are given the opportunity to reflect and re-evaluate where we are and what we want.


Because summer is such a social season, it’s almost inevitable that we let our healthy lifestyles slip, if only a little. We may indulge in cocktails more often than we usually do. We may skip our morning workouts in favour of long, late dinners the night before. And you know what? That is all totally ok!


But even though we absolutely support the fun, indulgent summer you may have had, we personally like to turn over a new leaf (no pun intended haha!) when fall comes around the corner. We like to reset our diets to ensure that we finish the year strong, finish on a fantastic, healthy note. That way, come January 1st, we can make other resolutions that ‘overhaul diet.’


Ready to reset? Here’s how!


1. Try a juice cleanse. This is probably simultaneously the easiest and hardest way to get things back on track, particularly if you’ve really fallen off the wagon when it comes to health. It is the hardest in that it will be quite intense, and you may even want to quit. But really, you just have to stay strong! It will get better. It’s one of the easiest in that you don’t have to think about it yourself. You are getting complete nutrition in one lovely, neat package.


2. Drink more water. No matter the time of year, we should really all be drinking a bit more water. Thirst often masquerades as hunger, so if you’re properly hydrated, you’ll avoid a lot of unnecessary grazing. Keep a large, refillable water bottle at your desk and another at home. That way you’re always getting in enough fluid.


3. Transition to more grounding foods. Even if you’re not into Ayurveda, you can benefit from some of their wisdom. In the fall, it’s great for the body to start eating more grounding foods, like our warm soups and vegetable lasagne.


4. Kick that sugar habit. We could easily recommend this to you any time of year, but fall is a particularly great time to revitalise your system. Avoid processed foods and added sugars for a month. You’ll feel like a million bucks at the end of it.


5. Get back into the kitchen. We love going out to eat as much as the next person, but the problem with it is that you have absolutely no idea what’s really going into your food. Take the reins and head into the kitchen yourself. With all the new produce coming into the markets, you’ll also likely feel more inspired to whip something delicious up yourself.


6. Turn your sights to fibre and fluid. Digestion is important for your overall health, so it’s essential to get it back on track after a summer of indulgence. Fibre and fluids are the best things to get things moving as they should, so eat all of the water-rich foods you can and ensure you’re getting enough dietary fibre like nuts, seeds and avocado.