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We don’t know if you’ve noticed, but it’s pretty damn hot outside. The air is sticky, and very few of us here in the Netherlands have air conditioning. In other words, it’s hot with a capital “H,” and we’re not sure we like it.


Sure, it draws us outside. Sure, it means you can all the more easily indulge that Iced Superfood Matcha & Maca Latte habit. Sure, summer is great! But, you’re probably missing those amazing, estorative Epsom salt baths you take throughout the rest of the year to warm up and chill you out.


You are probably shaking your head ‘hell no’ at the thought of even dipping a toe into your bathtub, but guess what. You shouldn’t be! Baths are incredibly beneficial to your health, no matter the time of year. That means summer, too.


In order to best tailor your bath to the season, we’re breaking down the best detoxifying baths to slip into in the summer. These anti-inflammatory, detoxifying baths are ideal for combatting many of the woes we often experience during this hot, sticky season.


Uh huh, honey.


One of the more unfortunate hallmarks of summer is the hated sunburn. Naturally,
we encourage everyone to put on their SPF every day and avoid sunburns to begin with, but occasionally, these painful burns are still inevitable. An hour or two in what you thought was shade or one missed reapplication, and you’re left inflamed, bright red and possibly even peeling. Thankfully, Manuka honey can help in these dire situations. Not only is this golden elixir totally delicious but also wonderful for soothing skin inflammation and healing burns more quickly. Studies have shown that there is strong evidence that topical use of Manuka honey reduces healing time in burns. So before you hop in the bath, slather it all over your burn. Once you slide into the bath, you just need to relax and wait for its anti-inflammatory properties to do their job.


Down to earth.


It may sound strange to make use of what is essentially wet earth to detoxify, but
bentonite clay – sometimes referred to as Aztec clay – is actually one of nature’s best detoxers. Jam-packed with magnesium, copper, potassium, iron, sodium and calcium, this stuff really works. It’s also negatively charged, so it’s able to remove heavy metals, toxins and free radicals from the body, as they tend to carry a positive charge. So when the summer sweats have left you with clogged pores
and pimples in unsightly places like your shoulders, back and chest, adding a spoonful or two of bentonite clay to your bath is just the ticket. It will also help to balance your oil production, so you’ll be glowing but not greasy. Win-win.


Monkey CBD, monkey do.


Long evenings spent outside in the summer are glorious, but the bug bites
that come with them are less than charming. You can certainly wear bug spray or light up citronella candles to keep them at bay, but you can’t stop all of them. If you’re not up for our other natural remedies, then it’s time to get serious: you should be adding CBD oil to your bath. CBD oil has been shown to have skin-soothing properties that can alleviate the symptoms of many skin conditions that
are characterised by itching and inflammation. It’s proven to help psoriasis, eczema and atopic dermatitis, so then it will most definitely also work for bug bites, as the most promising role for cannabinoids is their treatment of itch. So grab a bottle from TCPJ and add a few drops to your bath. You’ll feel better in no time.