in BUY | 16 Nov 2017

Concious Gifts

Holidays are coming up, and the Juicery steps up as Hulp Piet/Christmas Elf of the hour. Feel free to adopt this as your own wish list, drop it casually to your loved ones, or let it be your guide in finding the perfect gift for them. Apart from receiving or giving, you will create awareness, perhaps inspire others, and we think that’s worth at least just as much as what ends up wrapped in gift paper.

Natural Perfume Abel

This is what happens when a former winemaker, with a heart for fragrance and a holistic credo, puts heads together with a master perfumer. Their aim is to create the world's best natural perfume, and with scents like golden neroli, grey labdanum and cobalt amber, they seem to be right on track. To meet all sinterklaas’ and santa’s different budgets; their perfumes come in two different sizes, but are also available in a discovery set, with samples of all of their different smells.

Buy online here, or in store at Skins Cosmetics 

Toms Shoes

One for one. When you gift this to someone, you are actually giving two gifts. One present for us, one form of support for them, people in need all over the world. What started with handing out pairs of shoes, grew out to an international organisation with now numerous projects that help with improving sight, access to water, safe childbirth and finding sustainable solutions to bullying.

Buy their holiday-special here.

Charity; Split-A-Gift

After years of receiving itchy christmas-sweaters from your mother-in-law (sorry if you read this, Trudy), this might be just what you were looking for. Not only do you have the luxury of picking your own gift, but you share it with charity. You easily set up a page online, choose an organisation, and select the percentage of your gift that you would like to donate. After that you just share the event page with whoever you want it to reach. One of their organisations, the Voedselbank, we donate our products to all throughout the year whenever we can.

Start here.

Tata Harper Skincare

Another pioneer in the natural beauty business. Founder Tata Harper comes from a Colombian family, where beauty and its rituals are highly valued. She just couldn’t find products that lived up to her expectations, especially when a label said ‘organic’ or ‘natural’. She took matters into her own hands, and out came a skincare line that is just is not like any other. Instead of focussing on a single ingredient and surrounding it with fillers, or squeezing in paraben or something unpronounceable, their luxurious and pure products are packed with a complex selection of their 300 fully natural, raw ingredients.

Buy here, or here.

The Gift Of Nothing

“What would you like to have for christmas this year?” “Oh, nothing.” Came across one of those? Nothing they want, nothing they’ll get. Greenpeace has a way of giving the gift that is so frequently asked for, where the person in question receives… a box of nothing. This box secretly houses a one-off donation. It’s a symbolic gift, a minimalistic gesture with a nod to the question of what we actually really need, and it comes in a cool design too.

Buy ‘nothing’ here.

Juice cleanse

The gift that keeps on giving. Always a good counterbalance after having one too many pepernoten (even though we have a kick-ass, healthy way of making those *here*) or slices of christmas pudding. If you keep an eye, we have a feeling there might be a slightly warmer winter-alternative to be found on our menu very soon. To be continued...

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