in BE | 23 Feb 2017

Colour yourself creative... The wonderful world of colour

Consider the world of a child. It's colour on colour on colour. Bright blues clash with vivid greens, oranges, pinks and yellows. Face paint streaked across faces with broad smiles. Clothes all colours of the rainbow. Toys vibrant, the colour of fun. A child's world is one of imagination, creativity, and possibilities. They draw, paint and write in colour. The world is a wonderful place.

When we age our world mutes. Pastels replace vivid colours. We stop finger painting in rainbows. We stop drawing rainbows. We stop drawing. Our favourite clothes become black, grey and beige. We paint our houses mild colours that won't go out of fashion. We prefer a world of minimalism. Colour is contained to the odd splash here or there, if we're feeling adventurous.

As our world of colours draws shut, so too does our world of creativity. Greys reflects the logic now in place. Beige the necessary structure. Black the world of a grown up. Seriousness, respectability and rules. We wonder what happened to our innate creativity, our imaginations. The wonder, zest, and amazement for life we had once upon a time.

Add more colour to your life, and watch sparks slowly erupt back into your life.

Colour your wardrobe. Dress with colour. Wear the colours that make you feel good. Add a splash of something that puts a little bounce in your step. Be it a red woollen jumper, a yellow beanie, blue scarf or gold sneakers. Observe the colours you wear and the way they make you feel. Choose colours that match or enhance your mood of the day.

Colour your home. Add splashes of colour to your home. Be it a piece of art, photography, more green plants, a vivid duvet or cushion. Red, pinks and purples are great for the bedroom as they put you in the mood. Orange is great to inspire creativity in your lounge or office. Blues and greens harmonise, creating a sense of serenity.

Colour your surroundings. Immerse yourself in the colours of nature. Walk through the park and take in the vivid greeness. Stand in wonder of the bleak whiteness of snow as it falls. Drive to the sea and stare at its vivid blueness. Holiday and bask in the warm hues of the sun. Observe the colours of a surreal sunset.

Colour your way to creativity. Actively add colour and creativity back into your life. Buy paints, charcoals, colouring pencils or crayons. Express yourself with wild strokes of colour drawn without a thought. Judge it not by the way it looks, but the multitude of colours you can use to express your moods. Get a colouring book. Practise the art of mediation going crazy colouring between the lines. Here's twelve of the best colouring books for adults.

We live in a world surrounded by colour. The very energy of the universe is waves of colour. Embrace colour. Let your inner child run havoc painting life with all the colours of the wind.