in | 18 Apr 2019




Spring! Glorious spring! What a wonderful time of year. The air is fresh, people are brighter. We all are so thrilled to welcome this time with open arms. It’s the perfect time of year to reset, as these months buzz with potential energy of things to come.


In fact, we find that spring is a far better time of year to reset and resolve to make positive changes than New Year’s. That’s why we like to look to nature for cues on how to behave. The world is reborn this time of year, and we can be too.


When we connect our bodies to the wisdom of the Earth, we are able to live in a beautiful, natural way that flows, rather than fighting the planet’s rhythms. In winter, we rest. In spring, we burst forth with positivity and energy. It is the season of joy and new beginnings, the perfect time to plant seeds within ourselves to encourage future growth.


One of the most wonderful ways to usher spring in with a smile is to love Mother Nature. Throughout history, cultures have always honoured and celebrated the coming of spring with yearly rituals, whether that is the sacrifices to pay homage to Attis, the god of vegetation, in Rome at the vernal equinox or the enormous celebrations on the 17th of May in Norway. Engage in your own outdoor rituals, whether it’s packing a picnic and heading to the Amsterdamse Bos to lounge by the water or heading into your back yard to plant a tree. Nature is your window into the world of the spiritual.


Another great way to welcome the vernal season is to shake it all off. After months spent hibernating inside, our bodies have become accustomed to being sedentary. Energise your body in honour of the fresh new season by shaking off any cobwebs that have gathered inside. Head for a run in the Vondelpark or dance with some friends under the shade of some blossoming trees. It doesn’t matter if you look graceful or not. There is no right way to do it! Just follow your intuition and bring joy to the season.


While you’re outside to move and shake your way into spring, gather some fresh flowers to use for flower wishes. When you take them home (or sit down right there in the grass to do it!), write your hopes and wishes for the season on some beautiful ribbons and tie them around the stems of the flowers. Whether you keep them for yourself or give them away to friends and loved ones, you will spread the energy and positivity you are bringing with you into spring around with beauty.


The gorgeous grass outside shouldn’t be the only greens you’re enjoying this season. We can take cues from what the Earth is saying and from Ayurvedic wisdom when it comes to eating. Since all the beautiful green leaves have returned already, we should be reaching for verdant, nourishing greens for our bodies. Stock up on our Pea & Mint Soup to eat when the evenings are still chilly and pack extra spinach into all your smoothies, from The Mango Green Protein to The Cannabis in a Cup.


And, last but not least, you should welcome all sparks of creativity and care for them, letting them burn as brightly as possible. Follow any inspiration that strikes this season and allow yourself to explore new creative avenues. It might just lead to something unexpectedly wonderful.