in | 15 Dec 2017

Bounce Back From The Bloat


We are all about guilt-free indulging. Have you tried our December Smoothie Special yet? It tastes like liquid apple pie, with apples, our homemade date-caramel sauce, cashew milk, camu camu (Vitamin C bomb), and delicious christmas spices. Oh and that's sugar free, raw, vegan. So yes, you can very much indulge while still being healthy.


But the truth is, sometimes we don't want to be healthy. Holidays are no time to restrict. They just aren't. Pick your battles. There’s a time to say “no thank you” and munch on your 7th baby carrot with beetroot-hummus, and there’s a time to dive into the Christmas pudding, headfirst, multiple times if you must. It’s the season to be jolly, after all.

The day after, some might feel a little less jolly. Fright not, this happens to all of us. Please don’t go through the five stages of griefing your summer body, or frantically start listing new years resolutions. Don’t go guilt tripping. Chill. You won’t transform into the Grinch overnight. There’s a few simple things you can do to counteract your unrestrained feast, with the sole purpose of dropping that unnecessary remorse, and feel good about yourself again. How's that for guilt-free? Let's get you back on your feet, shall we.

Calm your mind.

First of all, forgive yourself, by all means. Accept the situation. It’s all temporary. Sinterklaas just took the boat back to Spain. It’s gonna be Christmas soon. New Year’s is on its way. These are times to enjoy yourself, because in a few weeks we will all tell each other how this year flew by. And all our troubles will be miles away! Better make the last bit count.

☆ Meditation on self acceptance or journaling out your worries can come in handy if you feel like you need to let stuff go. 



To help your digestive system, and fight the gassed up feeling, drink enough to flush out toxins, excess salts, sugar, fats, whatever floated your bloat.

☆ Have a big glass of water before bed and a filled up bottle by your side the next day or two. Coconut water is even more hydrating than water, and adding a Aloe Vera shot will provide the whole hydration package your body is thirsty for.



No, we didn’t say punish. You don't have to erase or escape anything, but neither do you have to stay on the couch and hide in your sweats forever. Just move, get out of your head and back into your body. It still is a good place to be, and as a matter of fact, a place where you will be, whether you want it or not, so better stay connected and not neglect it. Plus endorphins are very welcomed to fight stress and anxiety.

☆ Go for a walk, light run or yoga class. If HIIT-workouts like kickboxing or Rocycle are in your regime, and you feel like it, go for it. You know what’s best for you, just make sure you do it with the right intention.



You’ll either feel like you won’t have to eat for the next 51,5 hours or so, or you’ll wake up wanting to continue the party and look for a candy stick and a plate of pasta for breakfast (that’s your spiked insulin plus dropped blood sugar lying and saying you want more). We’re here to tell you, neither is going to make you happy, surprise surprise. This is where good nutrition will put you back into the right mindset. You can wait with breakfast until you’re hungry, but don’t skip it. Abrupt restrictions won’t make you lose weight, they will make you lose your balance.

☆ A ginger shot and a green juice on an empty stomach will help you feel refreshed and energized again. Afterwards, pick a breakfast that’s high in fibre and protein. You can try to eat a little cleaner for the following days, but just for your own peace of mind. By staying balanced and taking good care of yourself, temporary weight gain fades automatically.