in | 21 Jun 2017

Our guide to a different sort of weekend night. Fun still guarenteed.

Summer often signals an onslaught of boozy evenings soaking up sun rays. But too much summer drinking can lead to dehydration, killer hangovers and weekday fatigue.

We all know too many drinks is less than ideal, but the truth is excessive drinking negatively impacts virtually every part of your body. From your brain, liver, stomach to heart, pancras, nervous system and bones. Drinking more than four drinks a day for women, and five for men is considered binge drinking eeeeek. 

Reign the drinking in a little when you can. Here's a few ideas for booze free nights. Fun still guarenteed.

Get your favourite friends together and have a slow dinner, savouring the taste of each course. Get a deep dialogue flowing with the famous 38 questions to fall in love. You may not fall in love, but it'll sure spark some intriguing conversation starters.

Sometimes nothing beats a good night in with a little Netflix and chill. Indulge in some binge watching of your latest show (for as many hours as you can sit still). Treats on hand are of course mandatory. 

Ever tried sober dancing? No? Maybe you've been missing out. There's something oh so liberating about cutting shapes on the dance floor stone cold sober. Also watching boozed peoples dance moves? Highly entertaining. 

Had a busy busy week with no time to work out? Trying hitting your gym or workout local on a weekend eve. It'll be quieter so you'll have the place almost to yourself, and you can wake up the next morning feeling top dollar from the endorphin hit. 

We love kombucha! The tangy fizzy flavour is reminiscent of sipping some sort of delicious beer meets wine. It'll give you a natural energy hit, and you're digestion will love you for it. Best drunk in the sun, make sure it's ice cold. 

Have an arts and crafts night. For one. Or invite a friend who also wants to channel their inner geek. Try your hand at sewing, painting, scrapbooking, making summer festival headpieces - whatever takes your creative fancy.  

The ultimate weekend indulgence is perhaps running a bath and escaping into a good novel. Let the week day woes melt away. Best achieved with ample bath bubbles. 

Design your own signature summer mocktail. Experiment with various flavour pairing until you have the ultimate summer concoction. Our juices may provide a good start... We think the Aphrodite could a superb base for a delicious hydrating sweet something. 

Let your inner child loose at a board game or card night. Monopoly, Jenga, Poker, Twister.... There's so much fun to be had, and entertainment that could last well into the early hours of the morning. 

Whatever it is that tickles your fancy, indulge in a night of chilled fun. Because every weekend morning was not made for a hangover.