in | 10 Feb 2019




Although we totally need and love our alone time every now and again, we think most of us can agree that most things are better with a buddy. You managed to get through those boring lectures at university because your best friend was sitting next to you prodding you every time you’d fall asleep. Even the worst days at work are made bearable when your work wife chats you about grabbing a coffee in the afternoon. Whatever it is, we’re always thankful to have a pal.


So if having a friend around can make a bad thing better, then toting an amigo with you to do something you like will make it even greater! That’s why we always like to rope in our best buds when we want get moving and get our heart rates up.


Whether we’re spinning like crazy or squeezing in an HIIT workout, here are our top reasons for always having a sweat sesh sidekick.


You’re going to show up. We promise. If you’re not being held accountable, it’s infinitely easier to hit that snooze button or “get stuck at work late.” When you work out with a partner, your motivation extends beyond just you. You have to keep up your own regime as well as someone else’s. Guilt is a powerful motivator.


You’ll know that someone is accountable for you. On the flip side of the coin is the fact that someone else is showing up for you and will be there to encourage you! This makes it much easier to go to the gym, even on a cold, rainy evening.


You’ll up your intensity. If your workout bud is in better shape than you, they are sure to help you ramp things up a little bit. Even if you don’t think you’re a competitive person, science has proven that you will break a better sweat when working out with someone else by your side. Still think you’re not competitive? Having a friend next to you acting as your cheerleader also helps! A few encouraging words will help you power through that last rep.


You’ll have more fun. This one almost goes without saying, but we figured we’d point it out again anyway. All of us have those friends who make even the most mundane activities a real joy, so grab that friend, hop on your bikes and head to the yoga studio. You’ll have a good time even if you don’t want to!


Your mood will be boosted. Though you probably thought that relaxing and exercising were mutually exclusive, studies have actually shown that people who exercise with friends in town will feel calmer and less stressed than those who exercise alone. So grab your friend and breathe a bit easier (even if you’re breathing harder!).


Now tell us. Who is your favourite workout buddy?