in | 16 Jan 2020

Best Plant Proteins for Best Digestion

With everything that’s happening in the world right now, we think we can all agree that this feels like the right moment for switching to a plant-based lifestyle. While we’ve been all about that plant-based life here at The Cold Pressed Juicery for quite some time now, we know that, for one reason or another, others out there are a bit apprehensive. Will I get enough protein? Will it taste good? Will I feel good?


To all these questions, we scream an emphatic ‘yes’ in response! But you probably already knew that, right? We thought so. The only question you might still have is about the effect of plant-based proteins on digestion. As animal proteins are more easily digested by our bodies, it can mean that plant proteins break down more slowly and can cause a bit of discomfort, particularly as you’re first transitioning from animal proteins to vegan ones.


When many people make the switch, they initially tend to reach for fake meat products or even tofu. Because these all contain soy, a common digestion irritant, they can leave us with a bit of discomfort after eating. In addition to wreaking havoc on your digestive system, all of these meat substitutes contain unwelcome and unnecessary ingredients that move us back further away from that wholesome, nutrient-dense plant-based diet. They also tend to be incredibly high in sodium, and a high sodium diet actually leads to bloating and other digestive distress.


And if you’re reaching for lots of the whole foods options, you’ll end up getting tons of fibre. While fibre is obviously great for you, eating too much of it at once can cause you to get an upset stomach. So while you are making a good choice for the environment and your body, you may be left feeling dispirited that you aren’t feeling 100% right away.


Luckily, there a few plant proteins that will keep you full and feeling strong while also being a bit kinder to your digestive system. Try any of these delicious whole foods plant proteins that are gentler for digestion.


1. Spirulina: try The Mango Green Protein

2. Mung Beans: try this Mung Bean and Coconut Curry recipe

3. Nut Butter: try The Almond Butter Cup

4. Tempeh: try this Marinated Peanut Tempeh

5. Chickpeas: try our Middle Eastern Tabbouleh Salad