in | 16 Sep 2017

For the coffee lovers & haters

Amsterdam is a city full of ultra cool cafes boasting great coffee. We often get asked if we sell coffee, the answer is a simple no. We leave it to the coffee artists, for the big reveal of our top cafes stick around til the end of this piece. First, here's our highly recommended natural coffee alternatives.

There's much debate over exactly how much coffee is good for you. The general consensus seems to be 300-400mg, which is 1.3 shots of espresso. Depending on your size and metabolism you could have a little more or less.

So treat yourself to that shot of morning coffee, then use these natural highs to get yourself through the rest of the day.


Algae are nutrient dense superfoods renowned for their energy kick. Packed with irons, proteins and amino acids they boost red blood cells enabling your body to recover quicker from exertion. We don't discriminate against algae. We love them all. Try spirulina, E3Live or Blue Majik in store.

SIP:  E3Live shot, Pret a Protein, Astronaut's Fuel or an Antidote juice for that special algae energy boost.


Matcha is the new kid on the coffee alternative block. Cafes are slowly but surely introducing matcha lattes to their menus. Try Bagels & Beans in the Dam. Matcha is made from finely crushed green tea leaves. It has caffeine but as it's bound with matcha's phytonutrients it gives your body a smoother and more gradual energy hit, with no adrenal spike. The other plus is matcha is really good for your skin and general health so when you drink it you're giving your body more than just energy.

EAT: A matcha boost ball. Sweet and slightly tart it's delish.

SIP: Word on the street is matcha tastes divine added to a Mango Green smoothie!

A secret squirrel tells us matcha nut milks will be hitting stores later in fall...




Raw cacao is another superfood that packs a punch of antioxidants that'll give you a real energy boost. Cacao beans are where chocolate comes from (we always knew there was a reason we loved chocolate!) In it's natural pure form cacao can not only increase energy, it also improves alertness, concentration and libido. It may also produce feelings of love and weight loss. Some side affects will vary, but energy is a given.

EAT: A power ball is one of our absolute favourite treats. Also try our raw chocolate, this type of chocolate was esteemed by many ancient civilisations for a reason.

SIP: The Shit smoothie or ask to add cacao to your favourite smoothie (we'll let you know if the flavour combo would work)



However for that coffee you want to treat yourself with from time to time (or daily) (just one) (of course) our absolute favourite cafes are as follows..

Toki - Close to Westerpark. One of the coolest joints in town, seriously.

Lot 61 - on the Kinkerstraat. They roast their beans on site. That smell...Mmmm.

White Label - in the Westside. Love the space! Get cozy on a rug on the floor.

Bocca - Kerkstraat. They boast several different blends of their own beans. A cute space to lounge.

Screaming Beans - close to our Herengracht store, you'll be screaming for these beans that's for sure. 

Scandinavian Embassy - De Pijp. Great coffee, food & fashion in a Scandinavian setting. What's not to like?

Espresso Fabriek - in Westerpark. Exceptional coffee and walk in the park. Tick.

Coffee Bru - in the East. We live to sit outside and watch the world go by. With a delish coffee in hand of course.


Needing help cutting down that caffeine addiction? Funnily enough if you do a three day cleanse you actually stop craving coffees. This is perhaps the easiest and quickest way to curb that caffeine addiction.