in | 13 Dec 2018




Though there are so many wonderful things going on this time of year, there seem to be about as many germs flying around as there are positive vibes and festive cheer. So what do we do to ensure we knock these colds and flus back before they take us over? After all, no one wants to be out of commission for a week or more during the most wonderful time of the year.


If you’ve ever been ill during this time of year before, you’ve probably succumbed to the temptation to “power through it.” And though that may seem like the best way to handle things (mind over matter and all that jazz), giving your body a little break and caring for it deeply is actually the smartest and most effective game plan.


With lots of rest and an extra infusion of nutrients from superhero juices, smoothies and salads, you give your body the best chance of boosting immunity and cutting a cold off before it becomes serious. We try to dial down sugar as much as possible, particularly the refined stuff, instead satisfying our sweet tooths with nature’s bounty. And while we’re at it avoiding refined sugar, we also eschew processed food as much as we can.


We’ve got a little checklist for you when those sniffles start to sneak up on you. If you check off all of them every day as soon as you notice symptoms, we promise you’ll at least shorten and minimise your suffering if not beat the cold altogether.


- Take a tonic! Mix together one of our Ginger Shots and one of our Turmeric, Orange + Black Pepper Shots. Add a little bit of Manuka honey and some oil of oregano, mix and drink!

- Amp up your vitamin C intake. Add camu camu to any of your favourite smoothies to increase your levels. You can also take vitamin C supplements in the morning to boost things from the get go. We like to do this every day and not just when we start to feel unwell.

- Gobble up greens your greens. These help fight inflammation, which will keep your body in fighting form.

- Same goes for ginger! Opt for a hot ginger tea or one of our Ginger Shots. Inflammation will be a goner.

- Luxuriate in a long, warm bath.

- Nap, nap, nap. Our bodies need more rest in the darker, colder months, so don’t try and resist! Either grab a nap during the day if you can or go to bed earlier. You’ll be laying a foundation for health this season.

- But don’t forget about exercise! If you’re feeling 100% then keep up with your normal routine. If you start to feel a cold coming on, dial things back a little and go for a more gentle movement practice like Yin yoga or a walk in the fresh air. If you do go outside, be sure to bundle up properly.

- Zinc about it. Taking 30mg of zinc a day will help your body keep the common cold-inducing virus from multiplying in your body.

- Get your diffuser going and add a few drops of eucalyptus oil.

- Reach for activated charcoal. Pick up one of our Charcoal and Black Sesame Superfood Lattes when you fear the stomach flu may be around the corner. The theory goes that activated charcoal absorbs the bacteria responsible for causing the stomach flu.