in | 04 Oct 2018



We don’t know if you’ve noticed, but it’s suddenly cold here in Amsterdam! Though we may be just the tiniest bit sad that summer has come and gone, we are welcoming the change of seasons with open arms. Autumn is a beautiful time to slow down and ground ourselves.


When it comes to autumn foods, midday and evening meals are easy, whether you pick something up from The Cold Pressed Juicery or head into the kitchen at home. Mornings often leave us a little lost. Many of us don’t have the time to make a warming, nourishing breakfast, and on-the-go options are usually not as healthy as we would like. Sure, a bagel may feel good in the moment, but it can leave you feeling sluggish later in the day. So, what are we to do?



Well, luckily, we figured it was about time we tackle the warm breakfast issue. After all, we want something toasty, delicious and healthful to eat before work or after our morning run in the Vondelpark too! That’s why we are rolling out some exciting new products: hot steel cut oats in three different delicious flavours.



We’ll be releasing one flavour a week, starting with our Apple Pie Steel-cut Oats on October 2nd, with another flavour coming on October 9th and the final surprise on October 16th. The Apple Pie Steel Cut Oats will be warm and comforting with lovely seasonal apples and spicy cinnamon to awake the palate but also plenty of good fibre and healthy protein to keep you full and strong all the way through your next meal - can even go as a lunch or cheeky breakfast-for-dinner. Great for post work-out, for those who want something substantial, for warm apple pie lovers (who isn't), here is your healthy version. 



The Apple Protein Steel Cut Oats will feature, of course, steel cut oats, homemade almond milk, cinnamon, cardamom, maple syrup, vanilla extract, dates dried apple and our favourite vegan protein powder (made up of brown rice, pea, chia, quinoa and amaranth - sugar free, gluten free, RAW, 100% organic, it ticks all the boxes). As we can never resist adding a little extra flourish, you can also expect delicious toppings like cinnamon, dried apple, our crisp and crunchy apple granola and a drizzle of maple syrup. 



This tasty morning treat is a good source of manganese, calcium and zinc thanks to the subtle sweetness of the maple syrup, and its boost of cinnamon and cardamom make it rich in antioxidants and a good anti-inflammatory, as well as helpful in aiding digestive problems and protecting from chronic diseases. And let’s not forget those apples, as one a day can really keep the doctor away because of their heart-healthy properties and benefits for bone health and lowered risk of diabetes.


We are counting down the days for each new flavour, and we’re dreaming a bit of sweet, fresh blueberries and our favourite almond butter cups. Can you guess what the flavours might be? No matter which flavour you choose, we’ve now got mornings sorted!