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So many of us are obsessed with the scale, letting it rule our lives and change our mood, but we’re here to tell you that we’re all obsessing about the wrong scale. Weight is just a number, but the pH of your body can dictate your overall health. There is a golden inbetween that will get your body at its optimum. It really is just one big science project.


Your body systems normally regulate themselves and help you to maintain this slightly alkaline state, but the food you put in your body can modestly affect this state. Any divergence too far from this happy number can prevent you from feeling healthy and energized. The goal? Keep it hovering between 7.35 and 7.45.


Celebreties like Kate Hudson, Gwyneth Paltrow and Jessica Alba swear by it. Though it is a hotly contested subject, and even though the idea of balancing your blood pH is debunked by some scientists and supported by others, an alkaline diet plan is still a fresh, healthful way to eat. Proponents suggest that people ditch processed foods, red meat, wheat and sugar in order to keep the blood from becoming too acidic. The main shift of this diet (with major results), is that it will  reduce inflammation in the body.


Want to know the acitidy of your body? You can buy urine tests online here. They only come in packs of 24 (an opportunity for a social event?) but mind you, these test can be effected by temporary states like dehydration or infections, so it's worth taking more than one. If you don't feel like testing, but are suffering from the following symptoms, it could have to do with your pH:

- Constipation

- Confusion

- Salt cravings

- Rapid, shallow breath/ difficulty holding breathFrequent urination

- Swelling and bloating

- Poor brain function/ brain fog

- Poor sleep

- Tremors

- Acne


Whichever camp people fall in, we can safely state that your body needs a healthy balanced pH, and the food you consume can either support you or make your body have to work harder for it. Wondering what to avoid? Here are some of the top offenders.

- Caffeine

- Alcohol

- Dairy

- Meat

- Most grains

- Eggs

- Process/packaged foods

- Cold cuts

- Lentils (!)

- Peanuts


    It may seem like a lot, but these mainly count when eaten in excess. And there is still plenty of food that's not on the black list! Here are some of the best to help you achieve perfect alkalinity.That is where we come in.


    - Fresh vegetables

    - Fresh fruit

    - Seeds

    - Nuts

    - Raisins

    - Citrus

    - Spinach

    - Dates

    - Tomatoes


    Surprise, surprise, we litterally live for all of the above, and every single ingredient of this colourful list will be in at least one of our products in stores. It's a pH-wonderland!