in | 28 Dec 2017

A New Take On Your New Years Resolutions


With the new year coming up, we usually feel the need conjure up a life-altering shopping list. We make resolutions to work on ourselves, which is not a bad thing to want, but it won’t come as a shock that 80% of us have our resolutions out of sight by february. How can we use this window of opportunity to actually grow? Let's zoom in on the resolutions we make, why they haven't worked before, and how we're going to make them last this time.


Who for?

Without even being aware of it, we tend to have an image in our heads of what we're supposed to be or look like. Striving for an illusion like that, and especially expecting a reward like approval or appreciation for it in return, is not so healthy. It often lets the motivation come from the wrong place, making it very hard to stick to.


Know thyself.

Greek philosopher Aristotle said, that knowing yourself is the start of all wisdom. Man has a point. If you know your own value, it will be easier to understand what's right for you, and what in your life is in line with that. Tune in with your sense of self. Something, a trait or a habit, that’s in your life, even though you know your days would be better without it, is something you are ready to let go of.


Commit to it.

Taking time out for our own wellbeing can come right after work is done, our family is taken care of, and we've had those glasses of wine with our friends, right? No wonder you don't have time to stick to your new work-out regime or meditation ritual. You yourself, and the intentions you set for yourself, should be top-priority. Selfish? No one will benefit from you burning yourself up. Quite the opposite, actually, as often the most we can do for another is showing up as our best and most whole self. That’s not an easy job, so you have every right to invest in it.


Portion control.

Now it's time to grow your seeds. We want to make 2018 a better year? A year is 365 days. To try and control all of that is a pretty big piece to bite of and chew on. Big goals are harder to hit. What if we let of the urge to have a good year, or a good life even, and, every day, just focus on having a good day. Start small, keep it simple. If we work hard each day to stay true to ourselves, and keep our peace, those days will sum up to a good year, and eventually a good life. Those small achievements will pay off. On average, a lifetime consists of 27.375 days. Let's just take our time, day by day, one step at the time. It’s how every journey starts.