in | 11 Jul 2019


We love keeping you all up to date on what’s new in both our shops and the wellness sphere at large. We are so lucky to get to know each of you every time you come into one of our shops, so we thought it was about time you got to know us as well. And who better to start with than our lovely founder, Nathalie Streng.


Ever wondered what it was like to slip into her (glamorous) shoes for a day? Well, now you can find out!


I wake up at 6:30 and put on my gym gear to head to a 7:00 A.M. Rocycle class. I shower and change into a jean skirt, black top, black sandals and sunnies. Both my skirt and top today are from Reformation, actually. Their slogan is: the number one most sustainable thing you can do is to be naked! Love them. In fact, they’re probably my favourite sustainable fashion brand! They’ve got such great pieces, styles and are so caring for the environment.  I toss a jumper and scarf into my bag in case it gets colder in the evening and head off to work.


As soon as I arrive I have a large 100% PDC (pure Dutch Celery juice), ginger shot and turmeric shot. A green juice and shots are always my breakfast.


It’s our photographer’s birthday, so we celebrate with vegan peanut butter and jelly cake, more juice and bubbles. I usually really try to avoid sugar, alcohol and anything that isn’t natural during the week, as I have much more energy if I refrain from “bad foods.”


I sit down behind my laptop and get most of my most important emails out of the way. I work on designing a new Juicery that will be opening at the end of the summer. I actually drink many more juices throughout the rest of the day. I have several meetings and scheduled calls, so it’s very nice and easy to sip juice as I go. I get all the minerals, vitamins and nutrients I need, and I have more time to get stuff done. I fill out my meals with a large bowl of blueberries and some of our raw granola as a snack.


I work on our new rPET bottles, special smoothie recipes and more.


I finally close my laptop at around 7.30 P.M. and go for dinner with a friend at my fave Israeli restaurant in town, Mana Mana. I have cauliflower, hummus with mushrooms, spinach with polenta and more spinach with mushrooms. Super delicious. Afterwards we go for ice cream at Ijscuypje on the Prinsengracht. They have great new vegan ice creams that are definitely worth a try. It’s my first ice cream of the year and definitely not my last. My guilty pleasures are definitely ice creams and chocolate. Tomorrow, I’ll be back to green routine and workout when I rise.


All in all, it’s a beautiful and productive day, ending with a bike ride home over the canals. I unpack my stuff when I get home and prepare everything for tomorrow. I lay out my workout clothes for tomorrow morning, as well as my clothes and things for after. I always do this at night; I prep everything I need for the next day. Lights off by 11:30 P.M., which is late for me, but summer keeps me up late and gets me up early. Too much in life to enjoy, do and discover.