in BE | 15 Apr 2016

The Art of Meditation Journaling

Meditation Journaling The Cold Pressed Juicery


When people think of meditating, they often think of sitting crossed-legged on a yoga mat and doing breathing exercises. They almost never think of writing as a form of meditation. Free-flow writing is cathartic and cleansing, and meditation is calming and and helps centre you. Add those two together and you’ve got meditation journaling, a meditation practice becoming increasingly popular.

 There are two types of meditation journaling. Guided and unguided. Unguided meditation journaling means you write whatever you feel. This type of journaling is quite useful when you need an outlet or you need to clear your head. Guided mediation journaling asks specific questions that you simply answer as honestly as possible. This type of meditation journaling is great if you want to get introspective or if you’re a meditation journaling beginner. One of our favourites is Alex Elle’s mediation journal #ANote2Self. Which ever form of meditation journaling you chose, pick up that pen and start looking within because the answer lies inside of you.


Love and light.