in LEARN | 12 May 2016

Natural post-workout fuel




You just made it through a session at the gym and you gave it your all. One extra rep, five extra minutes on the treadmill. You’re exhausted but you feel amazing. Your blood is pumping, the evidence of your effort is running down your body in the form of sweat, and now it’s time to refuel.


Protein after a workout is essential. When you exercise, your body uses the carbohydrates you’ve consumed for energy and refilling those carbohydrates are vital for energy. You need to consume enough carbohydrates to produce an insulin release, which carries carbs and essential amino acids into your muscles. An insulin release causes a positive protein balance, rapidly preparing the muscle tissue - speeding up your the process of rebuilding the structural aspects of muscle since muscle protein is degraded during exercise.


You reach into your bag and pull out your shaker filled with protein powder, mix it with water and drink it. But why? Why would you ruin all of the hard work you just put in by consuming something that could potentially make you sick?


Protein powders and bars promise lots of benefits like a trimmer waist, super toned muscles, more energy, increased performance, and quicker recovery and it sounds great but when you realise what’s in your protein shake, you see that it really isn’t.


These powders and bars are made in a factory. They are highly processed are are often heated to the point where your body doesn't even recognised and can’t use the protein because it’s been changed so drastically. Most protein powers also contain sugar, dairy, soy, artificial flavours, preservatives, GMO’s and other synthetic toxins which lead to higher acidity and toxicity levels, causing illness and diseases.


There’s no denying the fact that protein is crucial for a body that functions the way it should and mother nature has provided us with more than enough natural sources of post workout fuel so drop that disgusting protein bar, pour your shake down the sink and pick up something organic with naturally occurring protein like dark, leafy greens, hemp seeds, chia seeds, matcha, turmeric, buckwheat, bee pollen, dates, or fresh coconut water.

Favourites like The Mango Green Protein, The Shit, The Apple Crumble, The Fix, The Pret-A-Protein, The Ironman and our fresh young Thai Coconut water don’t just taste good but they’re also the perfect post-workout fuel with naturally occurring sources of protein like spirulina, bee pollen, chia, hemp, matcha, buckwheat, dates, turmeric and dark, leafy greens like spinach and kale to help you get the most out of your workout.