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in CONNECT | 12 May 2016

Jane King

    When Jane King left Auckland, New Zealand, she had no idea that she would...

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in LEARN | 12 May 2016

Read the labels

  Juicing is becoming more and more popular in The Netherlands. Finally! It ...

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in EAT | 12 May 2016

Pregnancy, breastfeeding, and cleansing

  For the next few months, you will be a key part in the beautiful process o...

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in LEARN | 12 May 2016

Natural post-workout fuel

      You just made it through a session at the gym and you gave it your all...

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in VISIT | 30 Apr 2016

Party on a bike at ROCYCLE

  On April 1st, ROCYCLE opened its doors for it’s first ride and we couldn’t...

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in CONNECT | 15 Apr 2016

Evan Dijkstra

  The newest addition to our team is pint-sized beauty Evan Dijkstra. This f...

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in LEARN | 15 Apr 2016

Not All juices Are Made the same

  Juicing is amazing. Putting 2 kilos of fruits and vegetables into one juic...

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in EAT | 15 Apr 2016

The Incredible Benefits of Maca

  Peruvian superfood Maca root has been popping up everywhere. Even in our ...

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in BE | 15 Apr 2016

The Art of Meditation Journaling

This week, we're encouraging you to pick up a pen and dig deep with meditation journaling.

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in THINK | 15 Apr 2016

The Unfashionable Truth

  We pay lots of attention to what we put into our bodies but do we really t...

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