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in THINK | 19 Oct 2016

Want a beautiful aura? Master beauty from within

    Our culture is obsessed with beauty and youth. At the Cold Pressed Juice...

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in WATCH | 19 Oct 2016

Inner worlds and outer worlds in harmony. What's the meaning of life?

This profound documentary looks at the energy that connects all things. "It ...

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in THINK | 30 Sep 2016

The cure to all. In one 30ml glass bottle

Say hello to a healthy, energised and flu free season. Choose your own path...

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in EAT | 30 Sep 2016

Wheatgrass pesto on a bed of zucchini noodles

  Struggling to down that wheatgrass shot? Sneak it into this tasty pesto sau...

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in LEARN | 30 Sep 2016

Juices vs smoothies. How, when and why?

  Be indecisive no more. These elixirs may be the one thing your body is scr...

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in WATCH | 30 Sep 2016

Plants over meat... Is a vegan diet healthier?

Challenge your perceptions on veganism and what you eat.  For those who fin...

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in VISIT | 15 Sep 2016

Inner Peace Conference

  Wanting to be zen? Then don't miss this... The inspiring entrepreneur W...

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in EAT | 15 Sep 2016

We're crushing... big time.

Want to keep that warm summer feeling? Here's one way…  Ginger shots are hot...

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in | 15 Sep 2016

Cleanse for brain power

Can cleansing make you happier and more mindful?   We all know cleansing is...

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in LEARN | 15 Sep 2016

The tale of two sugars

The truth about sugar. And are natural sugars any better?Sugar...

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