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in LEARN | 21 Mar 2017

Spring fashion trends, but first you must....

With summer in sight you can delight in the fact it’s almost time to put ...

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in WATCH | 02 Mar 2017

You tossed it out, without a care. Is it killing you slowly?

  Have you seen the documentary A Plastic Ocean? Every year 8 million tons o...

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in CONNECT | 02 Mar 2017

Dudes talk juicing, sweet treats & dancing

We interview two men who dance to get them in the mood for cold pressing. Yes...

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in LEARN | 02 Mar 2017

Ummmm, so like what exactly is Cold Pressed?

 We drink it, sometimes on the daily. But like what exactly does cold pressed...

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in SEE | 02 Mar 2017

Photoblog: Behind the scenes at our Lab

  We kiss and tell. A sneak peak into the Cold Pressed Juicery lab       ...

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in BE | 23 Feb 2017

Colour yourself creative... The wonderful world of colour

Consider the world of a child. It's colour on colour on colour. Bright blues...

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in QUIZ | 23 Feb 2017

What colour is your personality? Glitter not an option

  Our associations with colour are often subconscious, based on a lifetime of...

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in EAT | 23 Feb 2017

Skip the beige. The colours to eat for health...

    Beige is great in your wardrobe, but don’t let it play a starring role o...

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in THINK | 23 Feb 2017

The rainbow within.. Colour energy & the seven chakras

The chakras derive from Hinduism and Buddhism philosophy. They are seven cent...

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in THINK | 13 Feb 2017

What is love? Baby, don't hurt me.

L o v e. It's the madness of the gods, according to the Ancient Greeks. We w...

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