in | 26 Jul 2018


Hi Janneke! We are so happy to chat with you! Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

Yes, I’m Janneke, tall, blonde..not so regular ;) and since February, I’ve been the Marketing Manager for 10DAYS, the most beautiful lifestyle brand based in Amsterdam.

Marketing Manager! How cool! Can you tell us more about the brand?

10DAYS is the ultimate lifestyle brand, founded by two free-spirits Barbara Hilbrink and Myon Veenendaal. We don’t focus on trends; we bring everything you need into your closet in the richest and most comfortable fabrics and fits. Every collection consists of the right mix of laidback and casual ready-to-wear. We are the biggest jogger lovers and have a special Best Basics collection with the best hoodies, yoga leggings, joggers and even bodywear. We break the rules of fashion and swim upstream.

We love those that swim against the current. What is 10DAYS ethos?

Made from the heart and made for everyone. You don’t want your clothes to feel too tight around your body, right? Since every single piece is tested by us and made from the richest and softest fabrics, it’s addictive to wear. And we want to show the world that you can wear a jogger or a yoga legging even to a party. We’re already sustainable (and always looking for ways to be more so), as we’re producing a huge part of the collection in Portugal. We don’t believe in seasons, pairing shorts with cashmere sweaters in the summer. Since we’re not a fashion brand, you can still wear your pieces from 3 years ago; we break fashion rules.

Could you tell us a bit about the 10DAYS men and women you have in mind?

Like I said, 10DAYS is for everyone. We don’t believe in seasons, and we don’t believe in gender. We design for kids and women and also for men; we have a lot of unisex pieces. The owners are both super sporty and love to travel and explore. So the typical 10DAYS man or woman would probably have those characteristics.


So you said that 10DAYS doesn’t have seasons, but do you change according to trends? Or are you more focused on a classic style?

We don’t follow the trends but the heart, and we don’t believe in seasons but nevertheless we have a strong and recognizable DNA. You will always find our core pieces in our collection, the classic joggers and yoga leggings.

Fantastic. So we are so proud to have you guys outfitting our staff, but how did you come to collaborate with us?

I’m always looking for the right match for our lifestyle environment. Because I have been a huge fan of the TCPJ since the opening of the first location, the idea was born naturally. Our idea of lifestyle goes hand-in-hand with taking care of your body and a healthy way of living, and I think the CPJ is the answer. Knowing that the CPJ crew were always wearing sporty leggings, I asked Nathalie what she thought of having every team member sport our leggings.

We think it’s a great fit too. What does wellness mean to you?

To me, wellness means treating your body with love and tenderness and listening to its needs. Be in balance! Work out in the way that feels right for you, eat your veggies and vitamins and go crazy now and then. Plan a beauty night with friends and relax during a massage. Take care of your body and rest enough.

We couldn’t agree more. Do you have a favourite piece in the collection?

I love the cosy, soft, cashmere sweats in poppy colors in this winter collection in combination with the loose trainers. During the weekends, I live in our yoga leggings. They’re perfect for every occasion. I usually wear them when I go shopping but even go clubbing in them J.

And how about your favourite things from the Cold Pressed Juicery?

Oef, I love The Sh*t. It’s perfect before or after a workout or just as a breakkie whether I work out or not. I’m a true coconut addict. I’m also a big smoothie bowl lover.

The Sh*t is pretty tasty. Do you have any other favourite healthy hotspots in Amsterdam?

Besides the TCPJ? I often work out at Saints & Stars or BBB healthclub and will soon start at Gymlokaal at the School. Also massages at Massagehuys are the best.

Oooh the Massagehuys! We might see you there. Give us one piece of advice for a healthy, happy life!

Work out at least 3 times a week. It’s the perfect antidote to a lazy, drowsy attitude. Drink enough water (and some booze now and then), and LAUGH! It’s one of the easiest ingredients for a happy life ;).