in | 24 Mar 2019




Whether or not you’re religious, Lent is an excellent time to take store of your life and evaluate what you need and what is good in your life. Look at it like a springtime New Year’s. Though we are already a couple weeks in, there’s still time to make a positive change in your life. The things you give up – or take on – don’t have to be about fasting and abstinence from the things you love; instead you can focus on things to make your life fuller and more meaningful. And who knows! Even when those 40 (or a few fewer) days are up, you may stick with your change for good.


1. Give up gossiping. This is something that everyone could benefit from, even if you don’t view yourself as a big gossip. When you can’t say negative things about other people, you’ll realise how often it actually happens. This is hard but really rewarding.


2. Give buying superfluous things. If you can live without it, you don’t really need it. Every time you’re tempted to buy a cute cactus or a bag of chips at the market, resist! Then put the money you would have spent aside. At the end of Lent, you’ll have built up quite a bit of savings.ake on writing a letter a day. As we said before, this period is not just about giving up things you love. Spending a few minutes every day to reach out to someone you love (or who may just need a little care and attention) will make you feel connected to the people around you and like you have a true community.


3. Take on a Marie Kondo attitude. For the 40 days of Lent, throw one thing away each day. Or you can simply throw away or donate 40 things in one day. If it’s something that may be useful or nice for someone else, please consider donating it to reduce waste and help someone in need.


4. Give up midnight snacking. We all do it. It’s so tempting! You’ve finished your healthy, delicious meal and you’re in bed reading when the thought strikes. I could eat something! In all likelihood this is not hunger speaking but instead boredom or loneliness or something else. Hold fast until morning. If you’re really starving, try a warming tea.


5. Give up animal products. If you’re not already vegan, you should try it. Your body and the planet will thank you. Kick things off with a juice cleanse to reset your body and your cravings. It will make veganism that much easier!


6. Take on 30 minutes of reading instead of 30 minutes of scrolling each day. For some reason, it always feels difficult to make the time to read, so most of us can go for months without reading a book we really love. The average adult spends about three and a half hours every day on their mobile devices. Take those last 30 minutes to pick up a good book or magazine and flex your brain muscles.


7. Give up single use plastic. You may think you’re a friend of the environment, but if you’re still consuming single use plastic, you’re not. Go plastic-free for a month. It’s much easier than you would imagine!