in LEARN | 02 Nov 2016

The guide to growing your own winter veggies in the city

Urban gardening is becoming increasingly cool amongst Amsterdam city slickers. Cafes, stores and homes are littered with greens that not only look swish, but also ease our mood and absorb excess CO2. Take it that little step further and grow your own organic herbs and veggies. Sounds dreamy, but where to begin?


Winter gardening is all about greens and root veggies, which actually sweeten in cold weather. Try your luck with: radishes, kale, spinach, broad beans, carrots and sprouts.


Herbs that fare well in winter include thyme, sage, parsley and oregano. Sounds like a great organic pizza in the making.


Next step is to find the right place for these little growing gems to be. With soil already quite chilled this late in autumn, it’s easiest to grow them indoors or on your balcony.


You have a balcony

Well done.

This is the perfect space for containers: fill them with a mix of veggies and herbs

Hanging baskets: super cute with herbs or smaller veggies like spinach

Pots: put all the larger growing plants in here such as carrots or radishes



You have a windowsill

Don't lose hope. You can grow a multitude of herbs and smaller plants like kale, spinach and sprouts.


Urban gardening top tips:


* In order to retain moisture it’s wise to choose as large a pot as possible


* Give plants a 20cm radius, they need room to grow


* Put compatible plants together


* Use a high quality organic soil


* Make a natural compost yourself


* Potted plants only need to be watered 1-2 a week in winter


* When harvesting cut with scissors & only take small amounts at a time


* Using a lamp indoors if natural light is minimal


You’ll soon have your own slice of greenery to brighten your winter days in no time. Master the art of urban garden? We’d love to see your photos! Tag us on Instagram @thecoldpressedjuicery