in LEARN | 02 Mar 2017

Ummmm, so like what exactly is Cold Pressed?


We drink it, sometimes on the daily. But like what exactly does cold pressed mean? We've secretly been too embarrassed to ask.

Cold pressed juice is a trend that's exploded globally. Celebrities, bloggers, even normal humans are endorsing plant power in the form of juice. We know it's meant to be good for us, but how does it differ from regular store juice? And what's the deal with the new cold pressed juices supermarkets such as Albert Heijn are stocking?

Technically, cold pressed juice is a delicate process that uses a hydraulic press to literally presses fruit and vegetables. It's done slowly and using no heat.

First we wash all produce thoroughly, then press each item individually. All this takes place in a chilled room.

The process extracts the maximum amount of goodness from the pulp and fiber, as it uses no heat or chemicals, it preserves more enzymes and vitamins from the produce.

But the lack of heat, pasteurisation, pascalisation (also known as HPP) means that real raw cold pressed juice has a shorter shelf life - typically up to 72 hours.

Any juice that claims to be "cold pressed" but has a longer shelf life than 3 - 4 days is cold pressURIZED or cold pressURED (HPP). Put under extreme high pressure to kill the micro organisms so that the juice wont ferment and you can drink it for longer, but if it kills micro organisms it also kills many vitamins, minerals and nutrients.

Several questions will immediately will spring to most people's mind.

1. I want it made in front on me, this can't be fresh?

Normal juice bars use a centrifugal system, which exposes produce to heat and oxidation, because of this juice loses already vitamins, minerals and nutrients in the process and it needs to be drunk immediately. Cold pressed juice on the other hand is a much gentler process, actually able to produce the freshest, most nutrient and vitamin rich juice even if it's drunk at a later.

2. How is this actually different from regular juice?

Did you know the typical other supermarket juice has been around for approximately 6-12 months by the time it reaches you? Take into account the process itself, shipping, unpacking, storage. With that fact in mind I'm sure you can imagine the amount of goodness still present in the juice. 

3. What about the new supermarket cold pressed?

Supermarkets and fancy groceries have started stocking cold pressed juice. But keep in mind anything sold in bulk like this typically has a shelf life of 45 days. Check their expiry date! These juices have been either HPP processed (sterilised) or pasteurised using a process of heat and chemicals to kill all bacteria and extend the shelf life.

Obviously it's more profitable and practical for businesses to have juices with a longer shelf life, but you need to ask yourself can you really call something that's been sitting in a fridge for 45 days fresh? It certainly can't be raw. We've compiled a list of what to look for when choosing your juice, to ensure you're getting the freshest, most raw form of juice possible.

- Is it raw?

- Is it unpasteurized?

- No HPP?

- When's the best before date?

- Look for 100% SKAL certified organic

- Read the ingredients. Are they names of fruit and vegetables? You don't want any added sugar, preservatives, colors, or flavors. Hey you don't even want added water!

- Ask staff if it needs to be refrigerated (this is a good sign)

- Has seperation occured? This is hallmark of cold pressed juice, as there's no binders or added ingredients (if the bottle isn't clear, hmm very interesting)

Give our juices a good study. You'll be happy to know they are all 100% SKAL organic, raw, unpasteurised and used no HPP.

We extract the maximum goodness, ensuring you a highly potent liquid gold infusion of health. Your body absorbs the powerful brew of living enzymes, minerals, nutrients and phytonutrients directly into your bloodstream. That means you're able to feel the energy surge in 15-20 minutes.

Feeling flat, in need of a detox or after an infusion of healthy goodness? Grab a juice or even a juice cleanse. Just make sure it's the real deal.