in | 15 Dec 2017

Traveling Light: Health-tips For On the Road or On Your Flight


Your way of getting through the holidaze could be to just... leave. Merry Christmas from Borra Borra. Good for you! As much as we love and treasure these vacations to far destinations, they can throw our bodies off a little. Breaking away from your homely routine can cause your body to break out too. Attack is the best defense, so here's what you can do to protect yourself from spacy jet lags or the notorious Bali-belly.


At home.

When you are going away longer than five days, start fighting your jet lag before you even take off. Try to already adjust your eating and sleeping routine according to how you would eat and sleep on destination. Before you go to the airport, adjust your watch and trick your mind to 'think' in the arriving timezone. If your trip isn't that long, it's best to somewhat stick to your local timezone.


On board.

Sleep. There’s a few things you can do to make sure you get some zzz’s while traveling. Bring a sweater, or even a hot water bottle, so you know you’ll be warm. Know which position your body will be able to get the most rest in. That's different for every one, because the same way you are left- and right- handed, your body can prefer leaning to the left or right too. Know your body. Noise-blocking headphones and a light-blocking eye mask can be the final push to help you doze off.

Drink. Water. And lot's of it. Robin Berzin, functional medicine doctor, recommends to hydrate five times as much on your flight as you normally would. Best to avoid coffee and alcohol as they are dehydrating. 

Eat. Bring your own food to make sure you won't cave for the sodium-rich, processed foods provided on board. Bring snacks like pieces of fruit, veggies, or try our Powerballs, with cacao and chili, Matchaballs, or a Raw Energy Bar. 

At your destination.

It is very likely you are going to eat foods you're not used to, so your body might need some help to break them down. Fibre-rich foods will help digestions, so you could take add-ons from home like chia seeds and flaxseeds, to sprinkle on any breakfast. It's really important to take good care of your gut. It will help your digestive as well as your immune system. Bring your own probiotics, to relieve constipation or to prevent, uh, the opposite. If it's too late for prevention, activated charcoal will help to absorb and also eliminate toxins. Anti-inflammatory ginger is great to fight and prevent bloating.