in | 13 Feb 2020

To Cap It All Off

We are all for innovation here at The Cold Pressed Juicery. We love wonderful new ideas and fantastic new products more than just about anything (haven’t you noticed how often we’re introducing our own incredible new options at TCPJ?). What we love even more than cool products are those that also happen to be sustainable, delicious and beautiful.


Talk about the total package, right?


While we love when these sorts of things fall into our laps, it doesn’t happen quite as frequently as we’d like. But recently, we were in luck. Not too long ago, some friends of The Cold Pressed Juicery popped by to share something pretty special with us: I.AM.caps.


As soon as we saw them, we were already curious, as the packaging alone is enough to make you do a double take. Wrapped up in lovely, painterly pastel boxes, I.AM.caps are a wonderful, delicious alternative to coffee. Not only are the cute little pods compatible with the Nespresso machines you likely have at home but they also happen to be biodegradable. A win for convenience, and a win for the planet.


After we finished drooling over the eye candy, we got down to business, inspecting each box carefully. The I.AM.caps come in five tasty, healthy flavours, each of which is as great on its own as it is with the addition of your favourite alt milk (we are partial to oat, as it foams up beautifully in a frother). All five options – chai, ginger, matcha, beetroot and turmeric – are totally our vibe, so we had a hard time deciding which to go for first.


The chai is warm and delicately spicy, reminding us ever so slightly of our favourite Gingerbread Smoothie from last year. The ginger is bright and punchy and the perfect accompaniment to one of our Ginger Shots. It’s particularly great on its own, as we love letting the ginger shine. The matcha is grassy and earthy. It’s certainly tasty brewed solo, but we think the rich body of oat or cashew milk is the perfect foil for the lovely flavour of the matcha. The beetroot is nutty and slightly sweet and the perfect thing to sip on Valentine’s Day (it’s so wonderfully pink!). And, last but not least, the turmeric is subtle and nourishing and also especially good with the addition of milk.


In short, they are the perfect thing to have on hand when you want a healthy treat, something to help sustain you against the frequently chilly Dutch weather. But you don’t have to take our word for it. Oder a sample pack on their website or pick up a box or two in person at Bluebirds, Rainbowls or Hartbiet. We bet you’ll love them as much as we do.