in EAT | 30 Nov 2016

This NEW juice will rock your Christmas socks off

This festival season we're introducing a brand spanking new cold pressed juice. Inspired and in collaboration with the amazing Bedrock Magazine. Our first new juice ever since we opened our doors 2 years ago. Drum roll please... We call it The Bedrock. The core. The essence. The root. This rooty juice is sure to please. Earthy yet fresh, filling but low calorie, sweet with a kick. It may just become the new foundation of your daily juice routine.

Our first orange coloured juice fits perfectly with the new season, it will look so cute in your photos matching the autumn leaves flooding the walkways. The colour orange helps brighten moods, and this juice will add colour to your day and a bit of oomph to your health regime. What gives orange foods their golden hue is the antioxidant beta-carotene - renowned for it's ability to promote vision, delay ageing, repair skin and nails, and give hair a healthy sheen.

So, the secret ingredients?

Sweet potato is this juice's star. This root veggie has been cherished for centuries amongst ancient civilisations because of its high nutrient content. Also, should probably mention Shakespeare considered it an aphrodisiac.

Sweet potato has a special enzyme that converts starches to sugar slowly, giving you a sustained energy boost that lasts. Sweet potatoes have high levels of vitamin A, C & D essential for eye, skin, teeth, hair and bone health. Vitamin B6 is powerhouse for the brain and nervous system, making it a great mood enhancer and regulator. Just when you thought you loved sweet potato so much already, it also aids digestion, reduces inflammation and regulates blood pressure.

The supporting actress in this love affair is red paprika. This not only adds a tangy bite, it also comes with a potent medicinal punch. It contains vitamins A, E, C, K, B complex and the essential minerals: magnesium, potassium, zine, iron, calcium and phosphorus. A mere one teaspoon can do wonders. It keeps you looking younger, beautifies hair and skin, is an immune booster, lowers cholestrol, improves blood pressure and lulls you to sleep. Dreamy.

Carrot shares more than just it's pretty colour with sweet potato. It also boasts many of the same nutritional benefits. It converts starches to sugar slowly maintaining energy. Beta-carotene minimise the impact of ageing and reduces cancerous cells. Carrots are packed with fibre, alkalise the body, prevent tooth decay, and yes they can help you see in the dark.

Ever wonder why cucumbers are so refreshing? They are about 96% water. They act like a virtual broom flushing the body of toxins. They aid hydration, relieve bad breath and their high B vitamin content eases symptoms of stress.

Oranges have 170 different phytochemicals and more than 60 flavonoids, these antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties all help prevent cancer. They are great for eye health, help beautify skin, and promote hair growth.

Much loved ginger is our go to for many ailments - that hangover, nausea, colds, cramps, energy lows and more. It improves our bodies absorption of minerals and strengthens your immune system. It also adds a lovely little spice to this juice. 

Sweet potato cold pressed juices are taking the world by storm. Seriously, it's a thing. Find out why. Be sure to pop in and try this new juice. This unusual bunch of veggies are unusually high in vitamins. Naturally sweet, these root veggies will give you an energy boost without an energy low. Being great for health, looks and mood the Bedrock is at the heart of what we stand for. Our essence. Our core. Our root. Come on in, give it a whirl.

In collaboration with our dear friends at Bedrock magazine we're giving away free power shots in store with your juice. All you have to do is show the code ILOVEBEDROCK. Offer valid from the 1st-7th of December.